Are Oreos Healthy? Benefits, Weight Loss and Nutrition

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Did you know that Oreos were invented just a month before the Titanic sank? And if you’re wondering, no, the nutritional value of Oreos has nothing to do with how the mighty ship went down.

These delectable cookies are famous worldwide, but are Oreos healthy? The basic deduction you can make from this question is shockingly just the tip of the iceberg.

Oreos have become so popular that they went from being just a cookie to a significant flavor in cakes, cheesecakes, ice-cream, milkshakes, and possibly every dessert. Since Oreo is devoured so much in many ways, let’s see how safe these are to eat. 

Oreos: Sandwich Cookies or Sugar Sandwiches?

healthy alternative to oreos

Have you ever wondered what the primary ingredient in Oreos is that makes it everyone’s favorite cookie? You’ve guessed it correctly – it’s all sugar.

Diabetes has Entered the Chat:

When the digestive system breaks down sugar, it releases immediate energy. It gets stored as fat in the body very fast. An excess of this results in prolonged fat storage in the liver and under the skin. To an extent, this sweet component is something your body still needs to regulate blood sugar levels, but in limited amounts.   

A surplus of sugar in the blood is directly linked to type 2 diabetes. Your pancreas does a lot of work to release insulin which helps break down the sugar into energy. But when there is too much, this organ has to work harder, and insulin gets into your bloodstream. 

You might not hear it, but your pancreas curses you every time you take a bite from that sinful, edible disc. Oreos have 28% added sugars per serving, just three cookies. This snack is addictive like a drug, so can you imagine how much sugar you’ll consume in one sitting?   

Sugar is Not Everything Nice:

What tastes good and sweet is still bad for you, just like all the other pleasant things in life. If you were to look for something sweeter than sugar itself, the answer is Oreos, hands down. 

You will be surprised to know that Oreos are composed of two different types of sugar – juice obtained from evaporated sugar cane and high-fructose corn syrup. 

Besides damage to vital organs, the unwanted amount of sweetness present in Oreos adds up to heaps of calories. Almost every person conscious about their health knows that calories are the most significant contributor to extra weight. 

Apart from the risk of diabetes, highly sweet foods can cause kidney failure. And when there are two types of sugars in a single cookie, it is out of the question.

When the blood sugar level is too high, the kidneys cannot filter out the excess sugar, leaving traces of glucose in urine. Purifying the toxins becomes too difficult and eventually damages the kidneys. So. you may have already gathered how Oreos contribute to this. 

“Only Oreo”? More like “only fat”

Another primary ingredient in Oreos is hydrogenated oil. This is a type of oil into which hydrogen is added to make it into solid fat. This helps packaged food products to last longer without spoiling.

So, you might be wondering, what harm can a bit of solid fat do? This type of oil causes your body’s LDL cholesterol, commonly known as the “bad” cholesterol level, to rise, which is a high-risk factor for heart attacks.

Not only does this cookie give you more fat deposits, but a whole bunch of bad calories as well. Studies have shown that consuming too many sweets causes nearly a 2-pound weight gain in less than a month.

If you plan to eat clean and lose some pounds, Oreos are not your friend. It is essential to cut off toxic friends from your life to live peacefully. 

The Heart Doesn’t Always Want What it Wants:

Too much sugar in your diet causes insulin imbalance and mixes with your blood cells. The chemical components in insulin make the artery walls in the heart inflamed and thickened. Besides, the fat deposits caused by extra glucose further blocks those structures. 

Consequently, blood pressure shoots up, and the risk of heart attack is imminent. And this is how the tragic story of cardiovascular diseases begins. If you follow your heart, you’ll want Oreos. But if you genuinely listen to your heart, it wants those cookies entirely out of sight.

So…are Oreos healthy?

Are Oreos Healthy

If you’ve come this far and are still looking for some hope, I’ve got bad news for you; Oreo isn’t healthy.

Zero Health Benefits:

Oreos basically has no nutritional value. The prime ingredients are sugar, fat, and a bunch of calories. On top of that, the constituent ratios do not make it a balanced meal either.  

Also, Oreos are the ultimate definition of junk food. There is not even a single nutritious component that is good for your health. One serving has an excess amount of sodium and close to zero protein.

Unrealistic Portion Amount:

The package says that the standard serving size is three cookies. Even for such a small portion, the fat and calorie content are exceptionally high. And considering how delicious this product is, it is doubtful anyone will eat just three cookies.

The Milk Doesn’t Help:

As the product tagline claims, “milk’s favorite cookie,” there is nothing to disagree about that. The combination is just exquisite. 

Meanwhile, dairy is an excellent source of calcium but also contains fat. Adding that fat with the amount present in Oreos, the overall sum of calories is soaring. 

This could also be a clever marketing strategy for the brand. The cookie was developed so that it pairs best with a cold glass of milk. Knowing how unique this fusion is, people will keep buying Oreos to enjoy this mix as much as they can.    

“Wonder filled” but not filling:

Let’s face it, no parts of the Oreo taste bad. The luscious, dark chocolate biscuits with creamy goodness sandwiched in between – the entire cookie is just perfection.

This is why just 2 or 3 pieces are never enough. When you are starving and looking for a hearty snack, just a few Oreos won’t make you full. You will devour a full standard serving size and still be left with an empty stomach and panging hunger. 

Ironically, sweet foods give us immediate energy. You might feel momentarily invigorated, but your taste buds will crave more. Oreos are just simply addicting and not in a good way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the vegan and gluten-free Oreos safe for your health?

As these Oreo types are only safe for people with gluten allergies and those who are vegan, they still contain an immense amount of sugar and calories. So. a standard serving of these types is still as unhealthy as the regular version of Oreos.

Are Oreos halal?

Oreos have been found to have pork-based gelatin, which is not halal for Muslim people. But the ones manufactured in Middle Eastern countries contain plant-based gelatin, which is safe for Muslims to consume.

Why are Oreos so popular if they are so unhealthy?

Regardless of the nonexistent health benefits, the company has managed to market its product in unique ways, which have captured the eyes of everyone worldwide. 

The unique design makes it very eye-catching for small children.

Is it okay to just eat the cream filling and not the biscuit part of Oreos?

The Oreo cream filling contains the most sugar, artificial flavoring, and fat. So, you are not doing yourself a favor by throwing away the hard biscuit parts if you are on a diet. 

Final Words

Oreos usually come first in mind when you think of a sweet treat, be it a quick fix or an added flavor to a fancy, elaborate dessert. It has won the hearts (and tongues) of millions worldwide. But too much of anything isn’t good, so when health comes in question, you wonder – are Oreos healthy?

The quick answer is no, unfortunately. But this shouldn’t mean that Oreos are necessarily bad. If you can curb your cravings, just two or three of these cookies once in a while won’t hurt at all.      

Sugar activates the happy chemicals in our brain. But it’s up to you how you want to trigger that happiness because that feeling of contentment comes at a cost.

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