Is Jello Good for Weight Loss? Find Out the Truth!

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Jello has been one of the most popular breakfast options since its introduction in the early 1800s. It is a versatile snack option that can be incorporated into many diet and snack options. 

But is jello good for weight loss? Should you add jello to your diet in order to lose weight?

If these are the questions that are hovering in your mind, then we have got you covered. In this article, we will look at all the positive and negative impacts that jello has on your body so that you can come to a conclusion on whether or not jello will be an excellent addition to your weight loss plan.

What Is Jello?

what is jello

Before we dive into the effects of jello on weight loss, let’s clear the concept of what jello actually is. Jello or Jell-O is a gelatin-focused dessert that is commercially made from powders. 

If there aren’t any added substances in jello, it will become tasteless, odorless, and colorless. But the jello we see has added components like sugar, artificial sweeteners, colors, and many more extra components.

How Is Gelatin Made?

The core component of jello is gelatin which is made from the collagen of animals like cows or pork. Collagen is a form of protein found in connective tissues of the body. Generally, collagen can be found in skins, bones, tendons, and ligaments.

These animals’ skins, bones, and tendons are boiled, dried, and added with a few strong acids or bases. Then, we can extract the collagen by filtering the skins and bones. Afterward, the collagen is broken down into powders so that it can be made into gelatin. And from that gelatin, we can get jello. 

The beneficial effects that we enjoy from jello are provided mainly by gelatin, as all the other ingredients work against weight loss most of the time. 

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But Is Jello Good for Weight Loss?

Is Jello Good for Weight Loss

Yes, jello can be a great option to add to your diet if you want to lose weight. It provides the necessary elements to make your diet healthy while keeping the calorie count in check. So, how does jello affect weight loss?

Well, in order to lose weight, you will need to lose more calories than the number of calories that you gain. Meaning your calorie intake should be lower than your calorie output or the calories you spend every day.

Low Calorie, Good Protein Source:

You can prevent the high-calorie intake by eating less food. But wouldn’t that just make you hungrier and weak? That is where jello comes in. Jello is rich in protein but has a low-calorie amount. This is perfect for weight loss diets as you won’t be getting hungry but at the same time won’t lose out on essential proteins as well.

Prevents Hunger:

Eating jello will prevent a significant issue that people face when they start a weight loss diet: overeating. When we begin to eat less, sometimes the hunger feels more intense, and we begin to consume more foods than usual. 

But with the inclusion of jello in our diets, that won’t be a problem as we will feel full while keeping the calorie count at a bare minimum.

Supplies Sugar:

We need a certain amount of sugar in our diet to provide energy to our cells. And jello can be an excellent option for that as well. 

While many of us will put having sugar in jello as a con, jello can be made from natural sugar substances like carrots, and there are also sweeteners that don’t have added calories in them. 

This can keep you energized throughout your day without making you feel tired or burned out.

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What Amount Should You Be Aiming for?

Now, you shouldn’t consume too much jello, as this can have adverse effects. So, what is the perfect amount for your diet? This highly depends on your body and daily calorie usage. 

Usually, you will get ten calories per jello box (the standard jello box that you can find in your local department store). Taking two or three of them daily will fulfill your hunger.

But again, this depends on your age, body type, gender, occupation, and other factors that determine the number of calories you use per day. Contact your nutritionist or doctor to find out the exact amount of jello you should consume each day.

How Can You Add Jello to Your Diet?

is jello good for you

Now, you don’t need to consume jello like a dessert, and you can add it as your entree or appetizer during your meals. Some have trouble introducing sugar-free jello in their diet as the taste sometimes doesn’t feel as great as a sugared one. 

You can combine jello with other foods to counter that. You can go with jello salads jello dressings, and you can also make jello ramens and noodles if you want to. 

What’s more, you can use jello as toppings for more intricate food options, like adding them to soups or chicken salads and more. The possibilities are limitless, and you just have to do a bit of experimentation.

Cons of Eating Jello in Your Diet

Like every food option in a diet, jello also comes with a few downsides that can negatively impact your overall health. The most common issues that you might face by adding jello to your weight loss diet are:

They Come with Artificial Colors:

One of the most significant issues of jello is that they contain colors. And as we all know, food dyes containing substances like carcinogens can lead to cancer, and studies have shown that they can trigger ADHD in some cases.

Filled with Artificial Sweeteners:

Artificial sweeteners often damage the body’s cell structure. This creates a high risk of kidney and lymphoma cancer. And sugar-free jello is packed with these artificial sweeteners.

Final Verdict

So, is jello good for weight loss? Yes, we believe that jello can be a great addition to your weight loss diet. But you will also need to consider the cons as well. If you have them in a controlled manner, you will definitely see positive results regarding your weight and health. So, give the jello weight loss diet a shot!

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