Are mussels healthy?

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You can cook mussels in exquisite ways that are healthy and delicious. People from all over the world eat mussels. But, apart from the taste, are mussels healthy for you?

Yes, mussels are very healthy. They are so many health benefits of mussels that you will become amazed! Cooked and steamed mussels are something everyone must have once in their lifetime. This mollusc deserves our attention and praise. Let’s cut to the chase and look into the nutritional values of mussels.

Ingredients Amount per 100g of Mussels 

Nutritional values of mussels

Mussels are considered an excellent source of protein and nutrients. They are high in omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Best of all, they are low in carbohydrates, fat and oil. Moreover, mussels provide macronutrients and healthy fats. They contain vitamin B-12, phosphorus and iron. According to the US govt, a food is considered a good source of vitamin when it provides you with 10 percent of the recommended daily value in a single serving. This seafood is also a good source of iron and zinc. The healthy fats of mussels are great for improving blood flow.

Are mussels good for weight loss?

Yes, mussels are good for weight loss. Simply because mussels are extremely low in fats and calories. Mussels offer immense amounts of nutrients without the added calories. You can quickly cook them in a healthy and nutritious way. Steamed mussels only contain 172 calories per 100gm. It’s that low! The best way to cook healthy mussels is by steaming them and using non-calorie seasoning.

So, if you are on a weight loss journey, include mussels in your diet. This shellfish is tasty and offers numerous health benefits. It can make also keep your nervous system and immune system healthy.

Mussels benefits and side effects

Cooked mussels are now a popular dish in most cuisines. Not only is it tasty, but mussels offer numerous health benefits. Let’s find out!

A fantastic source of protein

Among the many health benefits of mussels, the best one is this. Mussels are a fantastic source of protein. Blue mussel contains around 24g per 100g serving. And an average person can eat approximately 48g of protein daily. Hence, two servings of blue mussels can quickly fulfil the daily recommended protein intake. Amazing right?

Generally, mussels and other shellfish provide protein that is easy to digest. So, the body gets full benefits. Mussels contain all of the essential amino acids that help in boosting the immune system, wound healing, preventing heart disease and main healthy circulation. Hence, it maintains the overall health of the body.

Preventing anaemia

Anaemia is currently a widespread disease. Most pregnant women do not get enough iron in their diet. However, mussels are an excellent source of iron. Iron plays an essential role in preventing anaemia. So, eating mussels can prevent anemia. Mussels and other shellfish are also high in vitamin B-12, vital for producing red blood cells.

Prevents Arthritis

An amazing fact about green-lipped mussels is that they can prevent arthritis. Green-lipped mussels are a species that can be primarily found in New Zealand. It also contains omega 3 fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the risk of arthritis.

Several kinds of research have been conducted on the residents of New Zealand. And it has shown that the residents of the Maori coast of New Zealand had lower incidences of arthritis because of their diet. So, green-lipped mussels can be a great addition to your diet.

Heart Health

We already know that mussels contain omega 3 fatty acids. This fatty acid plays a vital role in keeping your heart healthy. After all, the heart is one of the most vital organs. Eating mussels can facilitate healthy circulation and prevent heart attack, rheumatoid arthritis and other cardiovascular diseases. The cardioprotective benefits of mussels are eminent. Researchers have noticed that eating food containing omega 3 fatty causes a significant decrease in developing abnormal heartbeats.

Apart from these, research conducted by the American heart association has proved the cardioprotective benefits of mussels. The unsaturated fats in mussels can reduce cholesterol build-up.


Apart from all the good sides of eating mussels, let’s show you the side effects. A lot of people are allergic to shellfish. These allergies can sometimes become life-threatening. The most common shellfish people are allergic to are shrimps. So, we must be careful while eating mussels.

Are there any health risks of eating mussels?

Yes, there are. The impressive nutritional profile of mussels has probably amazed you by now. But unfortunately, there are a few health risks we need to look out for. Here are a few of them.

Mussel Toxicity

Some seafood contains toxic substances that can be life-threatening to us. Among them, eating raw mussels can increase the number of toxins in our bodies. A few species of molluscs contain poisonous substances. They have extremely dangerous and paralyzing neurotoxin saxitoxin.

Mussels May Cause Paralysis

Not all mussels are safe for us. A few species of mussels inherently contain toxins that cause respiratory paralysis in humans. Researchers call this effect paralytic shellfish poisoning. Even cooking these mussels increases the level of toxins.

Are mussels healthy during pregnancy?

The simple answer is yes; you can eat mussels during pregnancy. It is entirely safe to eat them.

However, you need to be careful while cooking them though. Raw shellfish can cause nasty food poisoning, weakening your immune system. So, thoroughly cook the mussels before eating them. There are various recipes online that you can follow. You can cook this seafood in white wine, lemon juice or a creamy white sauce. It will be healthy for you however you cook it. 


Are mussels a superfood? 

Mussel, a type of shellfish, is considered a superfood. They are rich in zinc, iron, selenium and protein. You can quickly achieve the daily recommended protein intake by eating 3 ounces of mussels.

What happens if you eat too many mussels? 

 Eating mussels for too long can cause shellfish poisoning. In extreme cases, it can cause paralysis, nausea, diarrhoea, and even death. 

Are mussels healthy seafood? 

Mussels are a fantastic source of proteins, minerals and vitamins. Only 3 ounces of mussels can fulfil your daily demand for vitamins and protein. 

Last words

Mussels are a type of shellfish that you can cook in many ways. A lot of people, especially seafood lovers, are crazy about mussels. But, are mussels healthy for you? We hope you got the answer. 

Yes, mussels are healthy for you. They are rich in protein, minerals and vitamins. Not only is it nutritious, but it also offers numerous health benefits. We have already mentioned them, so we know you got the gist! But, while eating shellfish, be careful. Some mussels contain toxins that are poisonous to us. 

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