Are Potatoes Healthy? – Everything You Need to Know

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Christina Ross
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Potatoes are everything, from vegans to non-vegetarians; everyone eats potatoes of all kinds. They are a staple food in most households. You eat french fries from potatoes.

Some people even eat potatoes as the main ingredient of their meals every single day. Are potatoes vegetables? Yes, they are.

But, you might be searching on your browser, are potatoes healthy, Reddit? You might also be asking yourself, are boiled potatoes healthy? Or, are potatoes healthy for breakfast? Are potatoes healthy carbs? Yes, to all these questions. 

And you can get to know a lot more from reading the rest of this article. So, stay tuned and find out.

Are Potatoes Healthy?

Here are the health benefits of potatoes.

Nutritional Value

Potatoes are packed with nutrients. Let us have a look at the nutrients of a cup of potatoes.

  • 0.2 grams of fat
  • 36.6 grams of carbs
  • 27% of the Recommended Dietary Intake of vitamin B6
  • 28% of the Recommended Dietary Intake of vitamin C
  • 19% of the Recommended Dietary Intake of  manganese
  • 12% of the Recommended Dietary Intake of  magnesium
  • 12% of the Recommended Dietary Intake of folate
  • 12% of the Recommended Dietary Intake of niacin
  • 12% of the Recommended Dietary Intake of phosphorus
  • 26% of the Recommended Dietary Intake of potassium
  • 4.3 grams of protein
  • 3.8 grams of fiber


Potatoes contain antioxidant compounds such as phenolic acids, flavonoids, and carotenoids, that help fight the free radicals of our body and prevent different diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Blood Sugar

Potatoes contain a kind of starch called resistant starch, which the body cannot break or absorb fully.

Instead, it goes straight to the large intestine and becomes means of nutrients for the good bacteria in your stomach.

Research shows this starch helps reduce insulin resistance. Thus, improves your blood sugar levels. So, are potatoes healthy for diabetics? Yes, it is.

Digestive Health

The resistant starch also helps in improving your digestive health. When this starch is in your gut as the good bacteria’s food, the bacteria turn it into fatty acids butyrate.

The fatty acid butyrate can help in reducing inflammation in your colon and defend you against colorectal cancer.

Naturally Gluten-Free

Most people do not have a problem with gluten, but those that do have, they can have severe reactions to gluten.

If you need to follow a diet that is gluten-free, you can eat potatoes as they are naturally gluten-free.

Weight Management

Potatoes are really filling. The fiber content of potatoes is what makes them so filling. You can have potatoes and feel full for hours without needing to eat anything else.

This is how you can manage your weight and keep a healthy weight through weight loss.

Disadvantages of Potato

The high glycemic index of potatoes can be a bad thing for your blood sugar, especially peel potatoes.

The only downside of potatoes is that you should not eat a lot of potatoes at one go, or it will have a huge negative impact on your blood sugar levels.

Are Red Potatoes Healthy?

Here are the 10 health benefits of potatoes, especially red potatoes.

Vegetable Consumption

Introduce your kids and yourself to red potatoes. It will also increase the overall consumption of vegetables in your diet. The more veggies, the better for your health, is it not?

Stree Levels

Red potatoes contain 10% of the DV or the recommended Daily Value of vitamin B6. this vitamin is good for balanced moods, cellular renewal, and a nervous system that is healthy. So, you can stay less stressed by eating red potatoes.

Increased Energy

Red potatoes give you a lot of energy because of their high carbs content. Because of the vitamins and carbs, potatoes can fuel your body easily while being tasty as well.

Naturally Fat-Free

Bad things that may happen with eating potatoes come from the way you cook them. But, with red potatoes, the deliciousness you get does not need much preparation, and it is fat-free.

Blood Pressure

Red potatoes are sodium free and rich in potassium. This contributes to keeping your blood pressure healthy.

Naturally Gluten-Free

Gluten can be a problem for many people. It can even be dangerous for some celiac disease patients. But, red potatoes have no gluten in them. So, anyone can enjoy these potatoes.

Immunity Support

Red potatoes have an abundance of vitamin C in them, 40% of the recommended Daily Value, to be exact.

This provides your body with antioxidants that help keep your immunity system intact.


A red medium potato has about 3 grams of fiber in it. These fiber helps satiate your appetite and keep you feeling full for a long time, causing you to even manage your weight better.

Cell Function

Iron is essential for cell functions such as oxygen utilization. This means that without iron, your blood cells will not bring oxygen to all your cells. Red potatoes are packed with this iron.

Red Skin

Most of the nutrition of red potatoes comes from the skin of the red potatoes, such as vitamin B6, potassium, fiber, and iron. So, eat the skins as well.

Are Baked Potatoes Healthy?

Baked potatoes can be both healthy and unhealthy. Here are the health benefits and the downsides of baked potatoes.

Nutritional Value

Here is the nutrient in one medium sized baked potato.

  • 161 calories
  • 3.8 grams of fiber
  • 0.2 grams of fat
  • 25% of the daily value of vitamin B6
  • 27% of the daily value of vitamin C
  • 12% of the daily value of magnesium
  • 12% of the daily value of folate
  • 26% of the daily value of potassium
  • 4.3 grams of protein
  • 37 grams of carbs

Controls Appetite

A medium baked potato is really filling, which can help you control your appetite and lose weight if that is your goal.

Studies show potatoes make you feel fuller than most other foods. This could be because of the protease inhibitor 2 or PI2 that is in potatoes, which helps curb your appetite. 

PI2 prevents an enzyme from breaking down a hormone known as cholecystokinin, which can decrease your hunger.

Blood Sugar

Potatoes are rich in resistant starch as well as potassium. This starch has a similar effect to fibers as it can lower your blood glucose levels, improving your insulin sensitivity.

Heart Health

Animal studies and test-tube studies show that the protein in potatoes, as well as the resistant starch, helps lower cholesterol levels, which improves heart health.

Gut Health

As you know, baked potato’s resistant starch produces butyrate, which improves gut health s well as gastrointestinal conditions.

Cancer-Fighting Properties

The antioxidants that are in baked potatoes can help lower the risks of different kinds of cancer.

Downsides of Baked Potatoes

Cooking or baking potatoes at high temperatures can produce acrylamide, which is a toxic chemical that can have a lot of side effects.

Long-term exposure to this toxic chemical can damage nerves and promote reproductive issues as well.

Other than that, people usually use many kinds of unhealthy toppings on baked potatoes, such as butter, bacon, fatty cheeses, and sour cream.

Even though these toppings have their advantages, they add to the fat content of the baked potatoes.

Are Sweet Potatoes Healthy?

Sweet potatoes are really healthy as well. Here are the health benefits of sweet potatoes. 

Nutritional Value

Here are the nutrients of one cup of sweet potatoes.

  • 180 calories
  • 4 grams of protein
  • 6.6 grams of fiber
  • 41.1 grams of carbs
  • 0.3 grams of fat
  • 769% of the Daily Value of vitamin A
  • 65% of the Daily Value of vitamin C
  • 29% of the Daily Value of vitamin B6
  • 18% of the Daily Value of pantothenic acid
  • 15% of the Daily Value of niacin
  • 16% of the Daily Value of copper
  • 27% of the Daily Value of potassium
  • 50% of the Daily Value of manganese

Gut Health

The antioxidants and fiber that are in sweet potatoes can promote gut health.

Sweet potatoes have both insoluble and soluble fiber, which your body cannot digest. Both these fibers stay in the git to helo promote gut health.

Cancer-Fighting Properties

The antioxidants in sweet potatoes help in reducing the risks of different types of cancer.

Anthocyanins that are found in sweet potatoes that are purple can slow the growth of different cancer cells, at least in test-tube studies, such as breast, bladder, stomach, and colon.

Healthy Vision

The antioxidant beta-carotene is found in sweet potatoes, which is why the vegetable is bright orange in color.

Beta-carotene converts into vitamin A, which is good for your eye health and vision. This vitamin A forms light-detecting receptors in your eyes as well. 

In studies with test tubes, anthocyanins can protect your eyes and eye cells from any damage, which is good for overall vision health.

Brain Function

If you eat purple sweet potatoes, you can improve your brain function.

In animal studies, anthocyanins antioxidants can protect your brain from inflammation and even prevent the damage done by free radicals.

If mice consume anthocyanin-rich purple sweet potatoes, then it can improve their memory and learning. 

There are no studies on sweet potatoes in humans yet, but they are linked to lowering the risks of dementia and mental decline.

Are Jacket Potatoes Healthy?

Jacket potatoes are incredibly healthy. Today I am going to share some healthy topping ideas that you can use on jacket potatoes.

Turkey Chilli

This is a low-fat and budget-friendly topping. Just mince some turkey instead of beef to make it low-calorie, and add Red Leicester and spring onions to add some color.


You can use sour cream as well as chive dip to make for a tasty veggie dinner. Do not forget to add mushrooms that are rich in vitamin B. it will also pack a powerful punch.

Chickpea Curry

Vegans and patients of celiac disease can enjoy this recipe because it is completely gluten-free. Chickpea curry is an amazing topping for sweet jacket potatoes. 

Home-Baked Beans

Beans are nutritious and tasty. So, why not add them to your jacket potatoes. Just do not use canned ones. They can be high in salt and sugar.

Spicy Dhal

Cheerful and cheap red lentils, as well as chickpeas, can be a filling topping for your jacket potatoes. You can add some lime pickle to the side if you want to as well.

Tuna and Chives

Tuna mayonnaise is classic for a topping on your jacket potatoes. But, they can be a bit heavy on your fat and calorie content. Try using cottage cheese that is low in fat with chives and onions.

Tomato Stew and Butter Bean

You can increase your iron intake by making this butter bean casserole. Only by using eight components can you make this dish, which is low in salt as well. Plus, you can freeze this.

Vegan Chilli

You can make this with colorful vegetables and two kinds of beans. This gluten-free, vegan, and low-fat chili is for everyone. You can add avocado and lime wedges as well.

Feta and Kale

You can pile up your jacket potato with an array of colorful vegetables such as rocket, red onion, and kale.


Are potatoes healthy? Absolutely yes! They are so beneficial for you that they can reduce the risks of many different diseases such as heart disease, cancers, high blood pressure, and even dementia. So, is a potato healthy? Yes!

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make something delicious out of any kind of potatoes of your choosing like french fries, mashed potatoes, potato chips, and potato salad.

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