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I’ve received several email inquiries asking if I could share a day of my meals with you… and I’m finally getting around to doing just that! Of course, I decided to partake in the What I Ate Wednesday trend after I packed up my camera, photography set-up, and most of our dishes; so we’ll have to just go with good ol’ iPhone pics. Cool?

I kicked the day off with a bowl (the last one not packed) of Barbara’s Original Puffins, my mom’s homemade granola (the best!) and a sliced banana (which I just got back into eating after about a month-long hiatus).

I’m typically not a huge cold cereal fan when it comes to breakfast, (I prefer eating it as a snack or dessert), but have been loving it lately! It doesn’t keep me full for as long as oatmeal, but as long as I have a mid-morning snack (usually some kind of fruit), I’m good to go until lunch.

Today’s snack was a couple handfuls of organic cherries (no surprise there). Perfection.

Lunch was packed today, and consisted of a melange of foods (we’re trying to empty the fridge and pantry before the big move).

Red grapes & grape tomatoes (both organic – packed together, but eaten separately) + monterey jack cheese & Back to Nature Classic Round Crackers (think all-natural Ritz crackers… not the healthiest choice perhaps, but they taste so good with cheese and grapes), and Stonyfield Organic Lemon 0% Yogurt + organic strawberries. My go-to yogurt is plain Greek yogurt, but I had a few coupons for free Stonyfield yogurt cups, and lemon just sounded so light and refreshing… and it tasted fabulous with the sweet chopped strawberries.

I also refilled this guy a bunch of times while I was out and about:

In any given week, John and I only go out for dinner once; but because all of our pots, pans, and cooking utensils are packed, we have been grabbing takeout throughout this week.

Yesterday afternoon I stopped by Whole Foods on my way home, fully intending to get a to-go container of my favorite Corn & Poblano Chowder, but only the dregs of the soup were left in the pot (I’m assuming this is because I went smack in between lunch & dinner time). I settled for the Indian food hot bar, which I’ve had from Whole Foods before and liked.

Clockwise, from top left: Saag Paneer, Vegetable Biryani, Chana Masala, Chicken Tikka Masala, and Lemon Rice.

A few notes.

  1. The cubes in the saag ended up being tofu, not cheese – major disappointment! I do not dislike tofu, but when you’re expecting paneer, it’s a big letdown.
  2. My high hopes for the vegetable biryani were, unfortunately, dashed. There was an unfamiliar spice in there that I just did not like.
  3. It’s not all bad news. The chana masala was excellent! Better than I’ve had in Indian restaurants. The chickpeas were the perfect texture of doneness, and the spice level was spot-on.
  4. Both the chicken tikka masala and the lemon rice were pretty good… but nothing to write home about.
  5. The only thing missing from this meal – well, besides the paneer cheese – was a warm piece of fluffy of naan bread. C’mon Whole Foods, a girl’s gotta have her carbs!

Moral of the story? The chana masala at Whole Foods is delicious… the other Indian dishes may not be worth it.

A couple of hours after dinner, I polished off the last few spoonfuls left in a container of Haagen-Dazs Strawberry Ice Cream (no, I did NOT eat the entire pint!).

So there ya have it… a day of eats in the life of me. I’d love to do another post of WIAW on a more typical day – when we have a fully stocked kitchen so I can eat more veggies and a home-cooked dinner =).

*The next time I post, we’ll be in our new house! Yaaaay!!*

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