Is Chicken and Rice Healthy?

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Before we dive into the article, ask yourself: what are my comfort foods?

There is a big chance chicken and rice will come right up in your mind. A warm serving of chicken and rice with just the perfect seasonings can fill your stomach and mind.

Before you run off to prepare this dish for your next meal, you should be asking yourself: Are chicken and rice healthy?

In the following article, I will break down one of the most wholesome comfort foods to see if it fits your new clean lifestyle!

What Does Chicken and Rice Contain?

Chicken and rice are pretty convenient meals. Generally, chicken and rice (brown or white, up to personal choice) are cooked together in a pot. This one-pot dish is a warm, wholesome meal cooked with various seasonings and other veggies up to unique flavors.

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Is Chicken and Rice Healthy – What Nutrition Can It Provide?

is chicken and rice healthy

It’s healthy and has lots of nutrition. Let us dive a bit deeper into this.

Excellent Supplier of Proteins:

Our body needs a minimum amount of different nutrition every day. This dish provides a lot of healthy lean protein. It builds our muscles (since protein makes up a muscle) and strengthens it.

Chicken and rice provide our body with adequate proteins that your body needs.

Great Food for Your Weight Loss Journey:

Chicken and rice are prevalent dishes in a weight loss diet plan. This dish is a fat-burning diet. You will see it mentioned in many diet plans over the internet, all for good reasons. 

Also, chicken is lean meat that contains very few amounts of fat. Chicken also contains necessary minerals and vitamins. That is why chicken is added to almost every diet plan you will see.

We get fiber from the rice (it will be better to use brown rice for weight loss since the quantity of fiber in brown rice is more). The carbs provide loads of energy. If you are adding some veggies into your chicken and rice, then the amount of nutrition from those veggies is only adding to this beautiful meal.

This dish will leave our tummies very full for a long time. So, it reduces our hunger, and we won’t want to snack on something anytime soon after.

Keeps Your Immune System Healthy:

The proteins, fiber, carbs, minerals, vitamins, etc., that chicken and rice contain all necessary macronutrients for our body. They also contain essential micronutrients.

Having chicken and rice will add these nutrients to our bodies and boost our immune system. It will help our body function properly and keep us energetic, away from diseases.

It is an Awesome Dish that Can Relieve Stress:

Aside from being nice and warm comfort food, chicken and rice have elements that can reduce your stress levels. Chicken contains Vitamin B5 and tryptophan. Both of these help to reduce stress. So, this dish is a kind of stress reliever.

Rice is Healthy: 

Rice is a very rich source of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy in our bodies. Brown rice is a lot healthier than white rice because it contains extra fibers and other nutrients, excellent for our body.

Of course, the rice should be taken in specific amounts as it also contains the most calories. But you should not skip out on rice entirely from your meal plan in a day.

Good for Our Bones:

Lean meat can provide just the proper nutrients to make our bones stronger. It supports bone density and provides steady growth. Chicken and rice can help us get these nutrients.

How Often Should You Have Chicken and Rice?

is white rice and chicken healthy

Every day you may eat chicken and rice. You can eat chicken and rice once a day as long as you want. It has just the perfect calories and necessary ingredients to keep your body strong and full.

But you will also miss out on different variations of foods, so it is probably better to keep your daily diet diverse. If you are on a weight loss journey or want to build some muscles, you can have this dish every day.

Bonus: How to Make Chicken and Rice at Home, with All the Customizations for Yourself?

is eating rice and chicken healthy

See, my favorite part about homemade dishes is that you can bring changes to the recipes as per your own needs. The calories and ingredients of every recipe are different, and some might not match what you can afford.

You can also add a little twist to cater the flavor to your taste buds or make it a bit fancy. So, you can always alter the recipes according to your own needs.

Chicken and rice are made by cooking the rice and chicken together. Almost all recipes follow these steps:

Step 1: Add Your Two Ingredients to the Pot

You can throw both the ingredients in a pot, but it is better to let the chicken boil for a bit first. Add a clove of garlic and some other spices if you want; it will do magic to the broth’s flavor.

Don’t forget to remove the skin, or the texture will not look good later. Debone, the chicken after it is cooked enough that the meat is falling off the bone.

Step 2: Cook them According to the Instructions.

Then, if you have not added rice already, add it. You have to cook the rice in the chicken broth. Careful about the measurements!

You can tear apart the chicken and add them back to your rice with other spices.

Step 3: Add Your Veggies!

If you want something more, you could add veggies like finely chopped-up carrots, cabbages, etc. Whatever you have at home!

It will have a creamy texture, hot and tasty, ready to eat at the end!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you survive on chicken and rice?

You’ll face some health issues such as constipation. So, it’s better if you add some vegetables with it.

Why do bodybuilders eat chicken and rice?

Bodybuilders prefer chicken and rice because it provides them with necessary carbs and proteins to build the muscles.

How much rice should I eat a day to lose weight?

No more than half a bowl a day.

Final Words

The obvious takeaway from this article is chicken and rice are very healthy! It can remind you of a warm home, but it also keeps your body functioning correctly throughout the day. If you are a busy person, you can make a big pot of chicken and rice and store it in portions for a few days.

No need to feel guilty wondering if chicken and rice are healthy!

Happy eating!

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