Is Turkey Sausage Healthy? Find Out the Health Benefits and Drawbacks!

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Turkey sausage has been gaining popularity as a substitute or alternative to pork sausage. Some people tout it as a healthier option, boasting the same protein content and tasting great. How many of these claims are true?

In this article, we’ll be looking at the nutritional information of turkey sausage and try to answer the question; is turkey sausage healthy? 

We’ll also be comparing other breeds of sausage to give you a better understanding of the health benefits.

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Nutrition Information About Turkey Sausage

is turkey sausage healthy to eat

Let’s look at the nutritional content of turkey sausage. We will be considering one serving of turkey sausage when listing these:


One of the most important things to consider about turkey sausage is the protein content. Protein helps maintain your muscles and keeps you feeling energized for the day. So high sources of protein are often seen as a great breakfast meal.

Turkey sausage contains a good deal of protein. One serving contains 11 grams worth of protein, making it ideal for breakfasts, giving you the right amount of protein, and leaving you feeling full for a long while. 

Grounded turkey sausage has a similar amount of protein to other sausages such as pork, making it an excellent substitute or change for your taste buds.

Smoked turkey, in particular, is a popular dish. It’s less fatty while also still retaining a decent protein content making it a great option to eat.

Fat Content:

Next, we’ll be looking at the fat content of turkey sausage. In this respect, turkey sausage is comparatively healthier than many of its alternatives. It has less saturated fat, which is good since it is more harmful to the human body. 

Saturated fat can lead to blood clots and affect oxygen transportation. One serving of turkey sausage usually has one or two grams of saturated fat. This further reinforces its claims to be a healthier alternative and a satisfying breakfast.

It also contains fat that is good for your body. HDL cholesterol helps your body function better and doesn’t lead to heart problems.


Turkey sausage has a good amount of Vitamin B and some Vitamin C. This is similar to other sausages, with one serving giving up to 50 percent DRI of B-12, 30 percent of niacin, and B-6. 

All these give an excellent boost to your energy, allowing you to work through the day. They also help with your blood flow and are integral to keeping your body functioning.

It is also a decent source of riboflavin intake, which keeps the skin, nails, and hair in good shape. However, it lacks Vitamin C, so if you have a deficit, you will need to take supplementary vitamins as turkey sausage will not be enough. 

A lack of Vitamin C can result in a weaker immune system which can leave you vulnerable to getting sick.


Ground turkey has a decent amount of mineral content as it packs zinc, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus. These are all great for the body, and a serving of turkey contains the proper amount of these minerals, making it decently healthy. Your metabolism and many critical body processes depend on these minerals.

This is another reason why turkey sausage is seen as a very healthy alternative since you get many of the essential minerals in a few servings. Regular servings contain about 2 mg of iron, zinc, and 196 mg of phosphorus.

Sodium Content:

One point against how healthy turkey is the sodium content. While it has slightly less sodium content than pork sausage, the sodium content is still decently high at 500 mg in a serving. Sodium is vital in making sure your muscles work. But too much sodium intake can be harmful to you.

If you’re not an athlete or work out a lot, you won’t need a high sodium diet. High intake of sodium can end up causing high blood pressure and lead to strokes. As a result, you need to be careful about how much turkey you eat for a healthy diet.

Preservatives and Artificial Flavor Used in Turkey Sausage

One thing to note about turkey sausage is the presence of preservatives in some branded ones. Preservatives are used to ensure that the food remains fresh, but some of them can have adverse effects on your body. 

If you’re buying from brands, you will want to research and ask some trusted sources to make sure you’re buying a product with safe preservatives. 

Alongside preservatives, you should also keep in mind artificial flavoring. Not all brands use artificial flavoring to improve the taste, so again, it is a matter of researching the brands and getting opinions. Some of the chemicals used to give color and flavor can be harmful to your body.

Is Turkey Sausage Healthy?

Is Turkey Sausage Healthy

The answer isn’t as straightforward. Turkey sausage has nutritional aspects, particularly the high protein low-fat content, which gives you a great deal of energy to start you off in the day. It’s also not as fatty as other meat and has good cholesterol. 

Turkey is also a good source of essential minerals, and getting them all in one serving is a huge plus.

However, the high sodium content and risk of preservatives dampen the claims of turkey sausage being a very healthy alternative. Fortunately, you can avoid the damage they can do by either planning out your diet correctly or being on the lookout for artificial flavoring.

So, overall, turkey sausage can be a healthy option, but you’ll need to create a proper diet plan and make sure not to eat too many servings. Also, make sure that you avoid harmful chemicals if you’re buying them from your local supermarket. 

You should also include other sources of vitamin C and A to complement turkey sausage since you won’t get as much Vitamin intake from it.

Any More Questions?

Which is healthier, chicken or turkey sausage?

If you’re into low fat and low-calorie diet, then chicken sausage is healthier for you. However, both of them are healthier than pork sausage. 

Is Turkey sausage healthy for weight loss?

Yes, as it offers a good amount of protein without being rich in saturated fat and calories.

Does turkey sausage have less cholesterol?

Less than red meat, but if you’re worried about cholesterol, you should avoid sausage entirely.

Closing Thoughts

Is turkey sausage healthy? Yes, it can be a healthy addition to your diet if you don’t overeat. It’s a good option for a tasty and refreshing breakfast without making you feel bloated. 

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