Is Sashimi Healthy? Let’s Find Out!

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Japanese cuisine is craved worldwide due to its exotic looks and taste. However, none of them are nearly as popular as sushi and, in particular, sashimi. Nonetheless, a lot of people are worried about the nutritional content. Its unique structure and cooking style causes many to doubt, is sashimi healthy or not?

Sashimi is a healthy dish if you use the right fish. Our article will provide you with a proper overview of it which will help you have a better understanding of its composition. Simultaneously, it will help you identify any benefits or harm you might gain from consuming. Soon enough, you will know whether it is worth adding to your daily diet or not.

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Sashimi: An Overview

what is sashimi

Sashimi’s origin story can be traced back to Japan, where it gained rapid fame. Many people prefer it for its deliciously unique taste, and the health benefits they believe can be gained from it. 

Its preparation process is extremely delicate as it requires you to make slim cuts of fish. Various fishes can be used for making it, but none of them are more suitable than salmon.

Unlike the more common variations of sushi, sashimi doesn’t have any rice in it. It’s relatively simple to make since it requires very few ingredients. Thus, it’s something you can make with minimum preparation and almost instantaneously. Its amazing taste and texture make it one of the most popular food items in Japanese cuisine.

Health Benefits of Sashimi

Is Sashimi Healthy

There are a plethora of different advantages your health can gain from eating sashimi. However, here are the major factors that can help enhance your overall fitness and well-being.

High Protein Presence:

Salmon or any other fish is the main component in sashimi. Therefore, protein is the primary nutritional element in this dish. Every 100gm of salmon sashimi serving can provide you with as much as 25 grams. Therefore, if you’re someone with weak bones or require strengthening, then it’s the perfect meal for you.

Not only is sashimi rich in protein, but it also provides its purest variation. Salmon is the best one in this regard as it contains all the nine amino acids your body requires. Furthermore, they are also available at the proper concentration levels. Thus, you can count on it as a reliable energizer and a muscle-building dish.

Filled with Vitamin-B:

Fishes, especially salmon, are particularly abundant with vitamin B. Even the tiniest amount is bound to give you a healthy serving of it and fulfill your body requirements effectively. 

A sashimi typically has as much as 3.5 ounces of fish. Each serving in this regard will have Vitamin B12, Vitamin B3, and Vitamin B6 in large quantities. 

Massive presence of Vitamin B makes sashimi an excellent option if you want to improve your body’s overall immunity. 

This substance is exceptionally effective in making and rejuvenating DNA and accelerating the overall digestion of food for quickly gaining energy. It’s also efficient in functioning as a deterrent for cardiac inflammation.

Abundance of Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

One of the most crucial elements your body should have as you grow older is Omega-3 fatty acids. It’s commonly found in fish which are rich in fat. 

It helps maintain consistent heartbeats and substantially reduces the chances of cardiovascular diseases. On top of that, it’s also valuable for decreasing the chances of blood clots.

Sashimi is ideally made of fish with a high fat content. Therefore, having it regularly can ensure that your body has ample amounts of Omega-3 Fatty Acids. In conclusion, it’s an excellent choice for those wishing to maintain a strong and healthy heart.

Packed with Potassium:

Among the many minerals the human body requires to function efficiently, potassium is one of the most vital ones. It helps regulate the necessary fluids through you internally to keep you alive. 

Furthermore, maintaining nerve signals and muscle movements are its primary roles. Potassium is also useful for controlling your blood pressure and preventing kidney stones from forming.

Sashimi is an extremely good potassium source when made with salmon or similar ocean fishes. 

Consuming sashimi for dinner is more beneficial than eating a banana for breakfast, as it defeats the latter in terms of the amount of the mineral it contains. Therefore, don’t feel shy if you feel like having sashimi for dinner every now or then!

Weight Control Perks:

Unlike other formats of sushi, sashimi has no forms of carbohydrates in it. It contains protein only and therefore won’t make you feel bloated even after consuming multiple portions at a time. 

Furthermore, it will contribute significantly to heightening your overall energy and developing your bone structure at the same time.

Proteinb being the main element of this dish, also makes it a perfect choice for those wanting to control their overall body weight. Consuming it will help in cutting down belly fat and getting a slimmer figure. Furthermore, it will also stop you from overeating as it is quite helpful for reducing your overall appetite.

Crammed with Selenium:

A mineral many people forget when looking to create a properly balanced diet is selenium. Although the human body can work just fine on a very little amount, it has a plethora of benefits to offer. 

Among them, the most noteworthy ones include functionality as an antioxidant, combating specific cancers, and thyroid.

Although selenium is mostly available on land, salmon sashimi has a good amount of it. Therefore, eating it from time to time can be greatly helpful to ensure that its ratio in your body is enough for you to lead a healthy life. The presence of selenium will also significantly boost blood flow.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the maximum refrigeration time for sashimi?

Sashimi and other raw fish can retain freshness for 2 days at best if you choose to refrigerate. However, it will get ruined if you keep it at room temperature for a time exceeding 2 hours. 

Can sashimi give you worms?

You run a risk of contracting worms from sashimi if you make it from contaminated fish. Therefore, it’s best to run a quick check before cooking it to be on the safe side.

Is sashimi healthy for your heart?

Sashimi is rich in omega fatty-3 acids, an element that is extremely beneficial for the heart. Furthermore, its low calorie count and non-existence of fat add further nutritional value to it.


So, is sashimi healthy? The answer is purely conditional. It depends greatly on the type of fish you will be using to cook the dish. If you’re using sea fishes like salmon, then there are a couple of health benefits that you can gain from eating it. So choose your protein wisely before integrating it into your diet.

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