Training with the Charge Running App – (plus two weeks free for you!)

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Adenike Eketunde
Adenike Eketunde
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Blog world! It’s been quite some time since my last post. I’m back at it today, not with a recipe, but with a review of the Charge Running app.

Over the past 9 months or so, running has become a big part of my life; I’ve come to rely on it for both physical and mental health. My thrice-weekly runs (two shorter ones on weekdays while the kiddos are in school, and one longer one on the weekends) are something I look forward to and feel fantastic about afterwards.

So it was perfect timing when an associate of Charge Running reached out to inquire whether I’d like a free trial of their trainer-led running classes.

*Be sure to scroll all the way down for a promo code for a free two-week trial!*

Training with the Charge Running App – (plus two weeks free for you!)

Charge Running features both live and recorded running classes for runners, of every level, world-wide. During live guided classes, professional running coaches engage with the whole class, and you can chat as well. Trainers track the biofeedback from your smartphone, and offer personalized adjustments to your gait, speed, form, etc. in order to optimize your output and improve your overall running technique.

Live runs are available just about every hour of the day starting as early as 5:00 AM and going as late as 9:00 PM. On-demand trainer-led runs can be accessed at any time. There are classes for 5K and 10K training programs, light, moderate, and hard runs, and also virtual races. You can choose classes for base runs (building a solid foundation), progression runs (starting nice and easy, then picking up the pace), and tempo runs (speed and strength workouts that challenge your pace). There are also walk-to-run classes for beginners.


For my first Charge run, I opted for a 40 minute “hard tempo” run, described on the app as: increasing your lactate threshold with moderate effort segments. You can choose to run outside or on a treadmill; I chose the former. Coach Larry started off with walking me through some dynamic stretches and a warm-up before getting me going with energetic music and instructions for pacing. I’m not used to running with Air Pods, but I have to say, the upbeat tunes did help to pump me up. Throughout my run, Coach Larry offered general running form tips, as well as informing me of my distance and pace per mile. He also tossed out plenty of encouragement, which was motivational when I started to feel a little fatigued. I received a virtual high-five, followed by a cool down.

I picked a route that I had run before so I could compare my pace and splits between running solo and running with a Charge trainer.

I record all of my runs on my Garmin watch, which automatically updates my stats to the Strava app.

Here’s a run I completed without the Charge Running app:

Training with the Charge Running App – (plus two weeks free for you!)
Training with the Charge Running App – (plus two weeks free for you!)

Here’s (basically) the same run with the Charge Running app:

Training with the Charge Running App – (plus two weeks free for you!)
Training with the Charge Running App – (plus two weeks free for you!)

You can see that I went from an average pace of 8:25 min/mile to an average pace of 7:58 min/mile. My splits were also more consistent when I ran the tempo class with Coach Larry. I really did feel – and the stats above clearly illustrate – that I ran stronger and faster with the assistance of a trainer guiding me on my run.

Charge Running has graciously offered readers of Healthy Food For Living a free two-week trial promo code! Be sure to check it out if you are considering starting a running regimen, training for a race, or already a seasoned runner looking to improve your overall running technique.


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