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Eating healthily and living well are some of the most popular aims among the masses in this day and age. Among them, the brand leading this front is Yakult, as they have become the leading manufacturers of probiotic drinks. 

However, a lot of people are still apprehensive about probiotic drinks and whether they are worth consuming. So, many wonder — is Yakult healthy? Yes, it is. By the end, you will understand why. 

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Yakult: an Overview

what is yakult good for

Yakult is a series of milk beverages that are renowned for their probiotic qualities. Its manufacturing process primarily consists of skim milk fermentation involving the Lactobacillus casei Shirota bacteria. It has a sweet flavor that is similar to that of citrus and contains more than 6.5 billion nourishing bacteria. 

Consuming Yakult is good for the health and is especially beneficial to the intestine. Each serving comes in 65ml bottles and has only 50 calories. 

It is a comparatively healthy drink as it doesn’t contain any fat, dietary fiber, or cholesterol. Adults and children can both safely drink it as well as pregnant women. Whenever a person feels like it, they can drink this one.

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Benefits of Drinking Yakult

Is Yakult Healthy

The nutritional content of Yakult makes it one of the dependable drinks for improving the health of a person on multiple fronts. Continue reading to find out the most significant advantages of consuming this drink.

Stopping the Chances of Constipation:

Probiotic drinks like Yakult helps to decrease the transit time of guts by as much as 12.4 hours according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Furthermore, drinking it will also boost your bowel movement by 1.3 in a week. The stool also becomes softer, causing them to leave the human body easily. 

Managing diseases like diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems are one of the qualities of Yakult. All in all, the drink has a lot of benefits to offer in terms of easing digestion. 

Furthermore, it’s perfect for reducing the chances of constipation. Therefore, consider gulping down on a bottle whenever your stomach starts to feel uneasy.

Decreases the Possibilities of Infections in the Upper Respiratory Tracts:

Nothing can be more annoying than having to deal with a sore throat or a blocked nose. No matter how much you try to alleviate them, it will continue to irritate you and mess with your focus for a long time before it finally heals. In most cases, you will have to wait them out and get enough rest to make a full recovery.

Drinking Yakult makes dealing with upper respiratory tract infections quicker and more manageable. It helps to heal the gut by controlling any microbial imbalances. Furthermore, it makes the human body stronger and resistant to pathogens, which helps drastically reduce the chances of any infections in the throat or nose.

Combating and Preventing Cancer:

One of the most difficult to identify and brutal diseases in medical history is cancer. Many people often seem to understand that they are suffering from it when it is too late. 

Furthermore, its treatment and rehabilitation are extremely expensive. Therefore, millions die from it almost every year without even a fair chance at recovery.

Thankfully, Yakult can help in this regard. Drinking it helps the body become resistant to autoimmune diseases. Furthermore, it has anti-cancerous qualities, which makes it efficient for cancer prevention. 

Regular consumption helps to slow down tumor-causing cancer while also ensuring that your colon is healthy, making it suitable for preventing colon and lung cancer.

Excellent for Mental Health:

Mental health has grown to become one of the most burning issues in recent times. Awareness about it is growing every day, and people are becoming more conscious about them. Thus, people are looking into food and drinks that are capable of maintaining one’s mental health and can cure any diseases that occur in that regard.

Probiotic drinks like Yakult have gained a lot of fame due to its ability to retain one’s mental health. 

By improving the intestinal condition of the human body, it also helps to provide comfort to the brain. Drinking it helps to regulate the intestine’s bacteria and help cure issues like depression and anxiety alongside other neuropsychiatric conditions.

Uplifts Cardiac Conditions:

High cholesterol has become a massive problem among the masses. Eating greasy food and one filled with preservatives makes a person obese, which results in a plethora of different heart diseases. 

Furthermore, heart attacks have become one of the major reasons for people losing their lives. Therefore, it’s vital to remain vigilant in these situations. 

Yakult’s probiotics are valuable for decreasing chances of inflammation while also controlling the cholesterol of the human body. Therefore, it is significantly useful in uplifting the cardiac health of humans. Simultaneously, consuming it frequently also helps to reduce the chances of heart diseases greatly.

Other Benefits:

Drinking Yakult regularly can help you look after your skin. Improving the condition of the bacteria of the intestines can also help to look after your complexion. Having more good bacteria in your body ensures that it remains healthy indirectly. Furthermore, it also helps to reduce the chances of diseases relevant to it.

Furthermore, probiotic drinks like Yakult helps to control your appetite and decreases the possibility of overeating. 

Therefore, you can consider integrating it into your diet if weight loss is your main goal. Improving your digestive condition is also vital for weight management, which this drink is exponentially capable of doing.

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Does Yakult Have Any Adverse Side Effects?

does yakult work

There are a couple of side effects that you must be on the lookout for when drinking Yakult. Among them, the most common one happens to be bloating, which often occurs when the human body is initially trying to adjust to the good bacteria. 

People with lactose intolerance will also face difficulty in consuming it as skimmed milk is its primary ingredient.

Lastly, Yakult can also reduce the overall immunity of your body if you consume it. A few people cannot adapt to its microorganisms which can cause a lot of infections, eventually leading to this condition. Therefore, it is advisable to drink only after you ensure that your body can reap its benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will I be alright if I drink Yakult every day?

You can drink Yakult every day at any particular time? Making it a part of your daily diet can help boost your intestinal health.

How many bottles of Yakult I can have every day?

Yakult is a perfectly healthy drink that has very minimal health risk possibilities. You can choose to have it even 3 times a day and not face any adverse effects.

What is the time Yakult take before affecting the human body?

Like every other probiotic drink, you will be able to start seeing significant changes in your health after you start drinking Yakult. This time period is in effect due to the long period probiotics need to influence the body.


So, is Yakult healthy? The answer is direct and simple, yes. Although it has a few drawbacks, drinking it regularly and including it in your meals can help you maintain your health on multiple fronts. 

Therefore, feel free to pick up a crate of it whenever you’re in the shop. Your body will thank you for it, and you will feel much better.

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