Does Boba Tea Have Caffeine? Learn All About It Here!

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The hype surrounding Boba Tea is not new; it has been growing consistently. Whether you like adding fruit, milk, or jellies with your tea, the taste is exceptional, nonetheless.

However, I understand how some of you might not be the biggest fans of caffeine. Or maybe your kids want to try some of the colorful Boba Tea that you got, but you’re not sure if giving them a sip might be wise or not. 

So, does Boba Tea have caffeine? We are going to give you all the information that you need to answer your question. So, keep on reading! 

Does Boba Tea Have Caffeine, If So, How Much Is There?

Does Boba Tea Have Caffeine

In simple words, the answer to your question is, yes there is caffeine in Boba Tea, just like how all teas have caffeine. However, the question is how much caffeine there is in Boba Tea. And does it pose any greater side effects? 

A standard cup of Boba Tea will contain 100 mg – 160 mg of caffeine, which is similar to a cup of coffee. You shouldn’t experience any side-effects unless you are driniking in excessive amount. 

Most Common Types of Teas used and its Caffeine Content

does all boba tea have caffeine

Let’s look at the most popular types of Teas used to prepare Boba drink and how much caffeine it contains, and to what extent it affects an individual. 

Black Tea:

This is the most common and popular type of tea used to prepare Boba drink. It has a strong enough taste and scent that it doesn’t get lost within all the other ingredients and components of the drink. 

A regular cup of black tea contains around 40 mg to 50 mg of caffeine. Compared to a regular cup of coffee, it is only half of its serving content. 

However, Boba Teas using Black tea usually have more caffeine due to its oxidized form. Hence it is better to choose other options if you are not a big fan of caffeine. 

Green Tea:

Green Tea has become one of the most popular flavors among Bubble teas. This light drink with earthy notes is one of the least caffeine-induced drinks ever. 

With only about 20 mg to 30 mg of caffeine in a single cup of tea, it also takes a while to act. Hence makes it ideal for people who are not a fan of the caffeine boost and the crash after. 

Jasmine Tea: 

Similar to Green Tea, it consists of around 20 mg to 30 mg of caffeine per serving. This makes it a great option for your choice of Boba tea. 

Moreover, you might be not a fan of the strong taste of black tea and the earthy notes of green tea. Then Jasmine is the way to go for your choice of Boba drink!

Darjeeling or Oolong Tea:

Oolong tea can be described as a mix between black and green tea. This weirdly named drink consists of around 25 mg to 35 mg of caffeine in every cup. 

Darjeeling or Oolong teas and their flavors vary from where the tea leaves are grown. Hence, the flavor can range from light and floral to dark and chocolaty. 

On top of such an amazing range of tastes, having this drink cold with Boba is a must-have!

Factors Affecting the Caffeine Content

Although the amount of caffeine in each type of tea per serving as mentioned above is not as much, however, the caffeine content can vary on a few factors. Some of such factors may include 

Steeping time:

The longer you steep the tea bag, the higher the caffeine content will be in your Boba tea. So, if you have a preference, it’s better to let the Boba stand staff know beforehand. 

Blended Teas:

You might get the option to choose from a variety of blended teas with ingredients such as mint and spices. Such teas usually have less amount of tea per cup and hence less caffeine. This is due to the lower amount of tea leaves used. 

Tea Grades:

Whole or broken tea leaves have different releases of different amounts of caffeine. Broken leaves usually release more caffeine into the brew in comparison to whole tea leaves, and hence tea grades are a great factor as well.

Do You Have the Option to Choose the Caffeine Content in Your Boba Tea?

does boba fruit tea have caffeine

Usually, a typical serving of Boba tea will contain about 100 mg to 160 mg of caffeine, depending on the above-mentioned factors.   

With more hype surrounding Bubble tea, Boba has transformed from classic black tea with milk, cream, and tapioca pearls, to different flavors, add-ons, and styles. This has made it possible to customize a Boba Tea to your choice. 

If you don’t want any caffeine at all but still want a Boba drink, you can switch up the tea with Asian-style smoothies. Such smoothies usually come with different flavors of fruit syrup and jellies, which essentially makes it caffeine-free as no tea will be added to such drinks. 

In contrast, if you prefer coffee instead of tea, such drinks have a coffee substitute as well. You have endless options to choose from and get a drink of your choice!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will bubble tea keep me awake?

It can give you a temporary energy boost and help you remain awake, but too much of it may lead to negative side effects such as headaches. 

Can I drink boba at night? 

I would advise against it as it’s recommended by experts that you shouldn’t drink boba tea 2 hours before going to sleep. 

How do you keep boba soft all day?

You can keep boba soft all day by adding ice at the very end. 


Does Boba Tea has caffeine? It does. However, a regular serving of Boba tea has only half or less than half the recommended amount of caffeine content per day, which is only 400 mg. 

However, you can still have the option to try caffeine-free Boba drinks with the wide variety of substitutes found nowadays.

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