Are Chips Healthy? 4 Ugly Truth About Chips

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Healthy foods have become a luxury that not all of us can enjoy. Even in this fast-paced world, there is one snack that helps us satiate our endless hunger. It’s none other than chips! But considering how we should control our eating habits, are chips healthy?

In a word, fried potato chips or other chips are entirely unhealthy. They are a variant of fatty foods. Chips are rich in sodium, fat, and cholesterol. Consuming these starchy foods will surely cause issues for overall health and even heart disease.

The calories in potato chips are empty calories. So, if you pair a pack of deep-fried potato chips with some healthy air-fried crisps, you will be safe. An occasional treat is okay, but a regular diet of chips is not recommended.

What’s Bad? Potato Or Tortilla?

Considering the fact that chips are one of the deep-fried foods, it has to be on the bad side, right? Well, that depends on the kind of chips you are talking about. 

For instance, if the chips in question are regular potato chips, the harmful effects are blatant. Eating potato chips every day is sure to cause health issues no matter how healthy they are.

Then again, if the chips you want to consume are air fried instead of deep oil fried, it will be beneficial. That’s because the air-fried potato or other chips hold on to their nutrient factor. Moreover, they don’t carry the harmful effects of eating fried food.

One of the top healthy chips is tortilla chips. These chips are far better than the potato variant. Even these healthy store-bought chips are better than the potato chips made at home. 

So, in reality, the type of chips and how frequently you consume them is the deciding factor of whether chips are healthy or not.

Are Potato Chips Healthy?

The most common variant of chips that an average human consumes is potato chips. That’s why many want to know how to make potato chips healthy

But are potato chips really unhealthy? Well, they are unhealthy. 

No need to take our word for it; just look at what these chips contain according to USDA.

Serving Size 28gm
Total Fat9.5m
Total Carbohydrate15.1g

By no means can one claim that potato chips are healthy. They are extravagantly rich in sodium, fat, and calories. 

So, if you think eating chips on a diet is okay, stop that train of thought. They will not only help you gain weight but also gain additional diseases like increased blood pressure, diabetes and hypertension.

Are Tortilla Chips Healthy?

Most tortilla chips are made from corn. So instead of asking whether tortilla chips are healthy or not, you need to ask whether corn chips are healthy. 

Most people believe tortilla to be a healthy option among chips because it is made of corn. They are not wrong because corn chips are far superior to potato chips. But by no means are they healthy. 

Just take a look at what an average pack of chips contains, according to USDA.

Serving Size 28gm
Total Fat8gm
Total Carbohydrate18g

Looking at the chart, it is clear that tortillas are better than potato chips, but the beneficial factors are still missing. Instead, they are responsible for many adverse health situations. 

So, is it okay to eat chips once a week? Yes, it is okay, but if you are thinking about consuming them daily, then your medical bills will surely skyrocket.

Adverse Effects Of Chips

A healthy diet is always recommended. That is why many want to find the benefits of eating potato chips. 

But sadly, there are no benefits to them. They are filled with components that will indeed cause higher risk. 

Here are some of the most common issues a bag of chips will cause.

Weight Gain

If you consume too many chips, you will surely gain a bit of weight. Compared to other foods, tortilla chips are high in fat and calories. 

Just eating a regular serving of salsa and chips is okay but doing so regularly is sure to be detrimental to your diet.

Lack Of Nutrition

Despite the fact that chips are made of potatoes or corn, they can never be considered a replacement for another nutritional source. This is because most store-bought chips are processed and thus lack the required nutrients. 

It is better to shop for healthy snacks than to solely depend on chips for nutrition.

Blood Pressure

Most chips contain high amounts of salt, which means more sodium and potassium. Chips are no different. 

So, consuming excess chips is sure to increase the sodium content in the blood. High salt, in turn, causes high blood pressure creating additional adverse health situations.

Increase In Cholesterol

Total cholesterol in an entire pack of chips is negligible. But the cholesterol adds up if you finish a few bags instead of just one. And this is sure to cause adverse effects on your cholesterol levels. 

A balanced diet is far better than regular tortilla consumption.

Are Quest Protein Chips Healthy?

One of the best tortilla chips healthy for you is Quest chips. These are far better than the normal variants because they are filled with protein and have a low quantity of carbs. Instead of artificial flavors, these chips are made with all-natural ingredients.

If you look at a bag of chips from the Quest, you will see that its ingredients stand out.

The chips are made of healthy corn variants like psyllium husk and chia seeds. This gives the chips its whole grains nature. And to compliment these whole grains’ nature, the chips are flavored with actual spices.

Yes, similar to eating potato chips, eating the Quest chips will result in the consumption of more sodium. But it is a tad bit different than usual.

That is because the fat content of this salty snack is not as high. Thus, the extra ion will actually help with the blood flow instead of increasing the pressure.

So, if you are asking if quest chips are healthy, rest assured. They are not fried chips but one of the baked varieties. Due to no use of vegetable oil, the chips are safer for health than other options.


How often should you eat chips?

Eating chips as occasional treats are acceptable. But consuming it regularly is harmful. One should not eat more than a one-ounce bag of chips daily.

What chips are okay to eat on a diet?

Chips are a type of comfort food. Thus, a bag of chips contains an insignificant amount of helpful nutrients. Instead, it is filled with elements that cause weight gain. So, it is not recommended to eat chips when on a diet.

Are homemade potato chips healthy?

Store-bought chips are usually high in fat and packed with salt. On the other hand, baked or air-fried chips made at home are far more nutritious. The salt content is low, and the saturated fat content remains within the limit.

What is the healthiest chip to eat?

The healthiest chips to eat are homemade baked tortilla chips. They are beneficial since the additional vegetable oil is absent in them. Moreover, homemade tortillas are filled with fiber since they are made from whole grains.

Can chips cause heart disease?

Most chips are fried in oil. This increases their fat content. The chips are also high in sodium as salt is used in excess. Thus, chips can cause heart issues since it increases blood pressure.

Final Words

If the sodium in the chips is bad, are unsalted potato chips healthy? Well, the unhealthy part of chips is not the salt but the lack of fiber and the availability of trans fat. So, no matter what you do, you will get a negative answer when you ask whether chips are healthy.

Even if you make the chips at home, they will not be as healthy as other healthy snacks. It is better to get addicted to healthy alternatives than depend solely on chips. Stay fit and maintain a balanced diet!

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