Are Apples Healthy? – The Ultimate Nutrition Guide

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Christina Ross
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People say that eating apples every day can keep the doctors away. Found almost everywhere in the world, what are the benefits of eating apple? 

Apples have the same benefits as banana benefits ad more. This year-round fruit has seven thousand different cultivars throughout the world.

From the sweet varieties to the tart green ones, apples are the favorite fruit of most people. I personally love the green apples.

So, are apples healthy? Or are apples bad for you? The benefits of eating apple at night and day can be proved by science.

So, read the full article to understand the benefits that come with eating apples.

Apple Nutrition

An apple is a very nutritious fruit. You can eat apples every day only to reap all the benefits that they provide.

Let us look at the apple components that 200 grams of apple can provide you with.

  • 104 calories
  • 5 grams of fiber
  • 6% copper of the Daily Value
  • 4% vitamin K of the Daily Value
  • 28 grams of carbs
  • 10% vitamin C of the Daily Value
  • 5% potassium of the Daily Value

When asked, ‘apple contains which vitamin?’, you may answer vitamin C. But, now you know apples contain vitamin K, E, B6, and B1 as well as other essential nutrients.

Health Benefits of Apples

There are a lot of health benefits to this amazing, tasty fruit. Let us explore those benefits down below.

Apples Help with Weight Management

High fiber foods and foods with a lot of water in them make it so that you feel a lot fuller after eating them. And apples have both of those things in large amounts.

So, your fiber intake will increase with eating apple juice and it is also good for your cardiovascular health.

As apples have low calorie density, your calorie intake will lessen than eating foods of other kinds, and you can lose excess weight because of the apple plant compounds.

The fuller you feel after eating a medium sized apple, the less you would want to eat anything else. Thus, it can become a great weight-loss strategy because it will help manage your big appetite if you have one. 

If you eat one or more apples and continue with a balanced diet, you are sure to lose a lot of weight. You can even drink red delicious apple juice for a healthy living.

That is how you can easily lose weight by eating apples on a regular basis.

How many apples should I eat a day? You should eat about one or two apples every day to keep your weight in check.

A study shows that if you ate a whole apple, you would feel full for about four hours longer than if you consumed the same amount of apple juice or puree.

This happens because this whole fruit can reduce gastric emptying, which is the rate at which the stomach can empty its contents.

Apples even contain polyphenols that have a positive effect on obesity.

Apples Are Good for the Heart

Eating apples can give you a reduced risk of many cardiovascular diseases. 

Apples have soluble fiber in them that can help lower the cholesterol levels in your blood. This is why apples are good for the heart and your blood sugar.

So, increase your apple consumption. You can even try clear apple juice if you want or just eat a medium apple or two.

Additionally, the polyphenols in apples, such as flavonoid epicatechin, help lower your blood pressure, which is good for the heart.

Studies show high flavonoid contents can even lower risk of having a stroke.

It can even prevent different heart diseases by reducing LDL oxidation, lowering your blood pressure, and reducing atherosclerosis. 

Lowers the Risk of Diabetes

If you eat apples, you may as well be at lower risk of diabetes like type 2 diabetes.

So, if you have diabetes risk, you should definitely eat apples.

Several studies show that eating apples can reduce type 2 diabetes by 18% and 3% within a week of consumption.

Because of the high antioxidant polyphenols such as phloridzin and quercetin, apples have this effect on diabetes.

Promoting Gut Health

The pectin in apples acts as prebiotics, which is great for your gut as it feels the good gut bacteria called microbiota.

This gut bacteria is essential for your body as it keeps your gut healthy.

Benefits of Apples for Skin

There are a lot of benefits for your skin from eating apples.

If you eat apples on a regular basis, it can improve your complexion as well as keep your skin hydrated.

Eating apples protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It can even treat and be at lower risk of dark spots, acne, and blemishes.

You can use apple as a natural toner as well. It can reduce dark circles under your eyes and reduce puffy eyes.

An apple a day can keep the skin supple, and you can even use apples as a moisturizer. 

Preventing Cancer

After reading the above-mentioned 5 uses of apple fruit, you might wonder, what more could apples do for you?

Well, it might help you in preventing cancer as it has cancer fighting properties according to the Healthline media websites.

So, for cancer prevention, eat apples or increase your apple intake.

The antioxidants that apples contain can help with cancers, including breast, digestive tract cancers, and breast cancer.

Studies with test tubes suggest that the polyphenols on apples keep the cancerous cells from growing. 

Helps Combat Asthma

Apple varieties are rich in antioxidants, which protect the lungs from damage from oxidation.

Free radicals in your body can cause this damage from oxidation. This can even lead to allergenic and inflammatory responses in the body.

Apple skin has a lot of antioxidants called quercetin, which helps regulate the immune system, reducing inflammation.

Protecting Your Brain

The quercetin that is in apples can protect the brain from oxidative damage as well.

Research with rats shows that this antioxidant protects nerves and the brain from this kind of oxidative damage as well as wards off injuries that result in brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease or even dementia.

This antioxidant can even help prevent nerve damage caused by stress as it helps regulate inflammatory and oxidative stress markers.

Side Effects of apple

There can rarely be a few side effects of eating apples. They are explained down below.


The seeds of apples have cyanide in them. If you chew and swallow a large amount of these seeds, it can be deadly for you.


It is rare, but some people may experience an allergic reaction to apples. You should contact wellness professionals if you notice swelling, hives, or find it hard to breathe after eating apples.


This could happen to older adults and young children. They could easily choke on apple slices. 


Are apples healthy? Yes, they are incredibly healthy. They are rich in essential antioxidants and fiber that can fight a lot of diseases such as cancer, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

Apples can also help in improving gut health as well as brain health.

Even though there needs to be more research on apples, the benefits that they provide you need to be acknowledged. 

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