4-Ingredient Samoas (recipe by Eating Bird Food)

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I didn’t stick with Girl Scouts for very long as a kid, but I was a brownie long enough to sell cookies for a couple of years. Samoas (or, as I knew them, Caramel deLites), were not a favorite of mine back then, (due to my childhood distaste for coconut), but as I got older and my taste buds changed, they became my absolute favorite Girl Scout cookie to purchase (and eat, obviously!). However, It’s been years since I bought Girl Scout cookies because I’m not a fan of the ingredients used.

You can imagine my deLite (I had to, sorry) when I stumbled upon a recipe for a homemade version of my favorite GS cookie using only clean ingredients on the Eating Bird Food blog!

These cookies are pure perfection, and because I didn’t change one thing about Brittany’s recipe, I’m going to link her recipe instead of posting it here.

The kids and hubs all love these cookies as much as I do, so it’s safe to say they’ll become a frequent treat in our house!

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