Are Rotisserie Chickens Healthy -[Nutritional Facts Explanation]

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Everyone might agree that fresh rotisserie chickens are faster to make and crispier meals. And people with various health issues like it for dinner as well.

That’s why a lot of people wonder, Are rotisserie chickens healthy?

Rotisserie chicken contains protein in high amounts along with other various kinds of nutrients. These healthy nutrients include fat, carbs, niacin, vitamin B12, zinc, and phosphorus.

So, your questions could be a little more specific about it. Such as, is rotisserie chicken good for high cholesterol?  Or is rotisserie chicken good for weight loss?

I will tell you all about the benefits and downsides of rotisserie chicken. Just stay tuned.

Are Rotisserie Chickens Healthy to Eat?

Are Rotisserie Chickens Healthy

Yes, generally fresh rotisserie chicken is very healthy for consumption. Because it is a rich source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Our body needs a variety of these nutrients to function properly.

But, if all these nutrients make the healthiest rotisserie chicken. Then the question arises why is rotisserie chicken bad for you? Simply put, it all depends on your specific health issue.

Let us say there may be some ingredients that may not be good for your underlying health condition such as high cholesterol or diabetes.

If that is the case, then you should definitely proceed with caution when it comes to having rotisserie chicken.

Are Walmart Rotisserie Chickens Healthy?

Most of you may buy a rotisserie chicken from stores like Walmart. So, your actual concern is how healthy are grocery store rotisserie chickens?

The answer lies in the ingredients. Walmart and other store cooked rotisseries chickens have maltodextrin, sodium phosphate, and other natural flavors.

So if you are wondering, is rotisserie chicken good for high blood pressure? Or is rotisserie chicken good for diabetes or weight loss?

There you have the answer. No, it is not healthy when it is store-bought because of the saturated compounds mentioned above.

Maltodextrin is a carbohydrate that will increase blood sugar levels and cause weight gain.

So, people with diabetes, weight loss issues, and high blood pressure issues should avoid rotisserie chicken.

Before heading further, let us see a table of quick nutritional information that is in 85 grams of rotisserie chicken.

NutrientsThighs + SkinThigs Without SkinBreast With SkinBreast Without Skin
Vitamin B1218%15%11%12%

This table will further clarify your choice of having rotisserie chicken.

Is Rotisserie Chicken Healthy Without the Skin?

Yes, rotisserie chicken is healthy without the skin. That is if we are talking about rotisserie with skin. Nearly every store-bought rotisserie chicken has not only seasonings on it but additives as well.

Many stores preserve meat by marinating it in phosphate or other salts. So, if you have concerns about these additives simply avoid rotisserie with skin. Or just make it one for yourself instead of buying it from the store as it is much healthier if it is homemade.

So, with or without skin, It is healthy. That is only if you do not have any issues with the ingredients used in it.

Are Whole Foods Rotisserie Chickens Healthy?

If you still want to go to the grocery store. But also want to avoid additives that may be bad for your certain health condition. Some brands offer the healthiest rotisserie chicken if you do not wish to make yourself one.

The reason is that, unlike Walmart, some brands offer organic plain chicken. They don’t add additives or natural flavor. And what’s more satisfying is that they have even got points for that.

How to Cook Rotisserie Chicken?

Cook Rotisserie Chicken

If you decide to avoid store-cooked processed meals. Then you need to know how are rotisserie chickens cooked?  Here I have simplified it for you.

To prepare rotisserie chicken at home all by yourself. First, you need the things listed below.

  • Grill
  • Rotisserie kit
  • Fuel to run for 2 to 3 hours
  • fireproof gloves
  • thermometer
  • Whole chicken
  • One large lemon (or apple, potato, or orange)
  • olive oil (about a quarter)
  • lemon juice (½ cup)
  • Rosemary leaves (2 spoons)

Let us head to the rotisserie chicken’s cooking process now.

Cooking Rotisserie Chicken At Home

Cooking rotisserie chicken is not complex but instead a simple and quite straightforward process.

It is just a roasted chicken If you have all that is listed above. Let us proceed to the cooking steps of rotisserie chicken.

  • Clean the chicken from the inside and remove loose skin.
  • Following grill and kit instructions, set up rotisserie.
  • Put a fork on the handle side of the rod, pointing towards the middle.
  • Thread lemon or onion onto the rotisserie rod to hold the chicken in its place.
  • Put the second fork on the rod through the bottom and out the neck.
  • Don’t forget to tighten the screws of the rod.
  • Start the grill and keep the temperature at 360F.
  • Baste your chicken with a mixture of oil, rosemary leaves, and lemon.
  • Do this every 20 minutes.
  • When the internal temperature reaches 175F, take your chicken off the heat.
  • Turn off the rotisserie motor and take your chicken off the grill using gloves.

Make sure that you fully cook your chicken.

And that is how you cook it at home. Now add in chicken salad or anything else that you want.

Why are Rotisserie Chickens Cheaper?

Rotisserie chickens are cheaper because they are comparatively smaller. And when you are hungry, and you want to have a ready-made meal. Who would weigh them?

This is why you don’t feel or know that they are comparatively smaller than raw broiler chickens. Broiler chickens weigh 20% more.

A fun fact is that if you cook it at your home, they would tend to be cheaper per pound.  So we can say that most rotisserie chickens just seem that they are cheaper. However, they are actually not as cheap as you think.


Is Publix rotisserie chicken healthy?

Yes, Publix rotisserie chicken is healthy. But, remember that nutritional value depends on what part you eat. And whether you eat the skin or avoid eating it due to its additives.

Generally, Publix rotisserie contains 160 calories in 56 grams of rotisserie chicken. If breakdown, they include 51% protein and 46% fat.

Is rotisserie chicken good for high cholesterol?

Rotisserie chicken is not good for high cholesterol if consumed in high amounts. Because rotisserie chickens have high saturated fats.

And, 3 ounces of rotisserie chicken has 25 percent of saturated fat. While you should have only 10% of calories from saturated fat per day.

What are rotisserie chickens injected with?

You might have noticed that store-bought rotisserie birds are a bit juicy.

That is because they inject rotisserie chickens with saline and salt solution. For instance, some inject rotisserie chicken with seasoning, carrageenan, sugar, dextrose, and spice extractives.

Parting Words

Now you know the answer to, are rotisserie chickens healthy? You also know that it is healthier if you cook rotisserie chicken at home.

But if you go store-bought, then check the ingredients first. See if they are good for your underlying health condition if you have any. Also, check if you should eat the skin or not.

But the bottom line is that even in store-bought chicken, these ingredients are in very small amounts. So, a whole rotisserie chicken that is store-bought is healthy and safe to eat. 

That’s all.

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