Are Banana Pancakes Healthy?

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Christina Ross
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Considering the average person’s workload, having a healthy breakfast is
vital. And many will agree that a healthy serving of banana pancakes is the
best option. But are banana pancakes healthy?
Healthy banana pancakes are undoubtedly a tasty breakfast. They are
beneficial as they are filled with the required nutrients.
Adding other ingredients to the pancake base can add to those
factors. To enhance the protein content, you can add Greek yogurt.
Only then will banana pancakes become a balanced diet.
No matter which recipe you follow, if you use no whole wheat flour, you will
end up with a gluten-free breakfast. And if you make the batter at home
instead of store-bought powder, you will indeed have some healthy banana
pancakes for breakfast.

Health Concerns About Pancakes

Most people consume pancakes because, to them, it is comfort food. When
you wake up in the morning, take a whisk, and make yourself a serving of
pancakes, you look to fill your belly. And like most comfort food, pancakes
lack the nutritional facts one hopes to get from a breakfast.
But there are certain benefits to plain pancakes. One can pair up the store-
bought regular pancake powder with almost anything. Adding eggs to the
pancake batter is one of the most common trends. This supplies you with
the most needed protein that a serving of pancake lacks.

Moreover, if you feel like having something sweet, add a bit of honey or
maple syrup on top of your golden-brown pan-cooked cakes. It will not only
enhance the taste but also add to the total calorie consumption. So,
pancakes are great and healthy comfort food as long as the add-ons you
take are beneficial.
One of the most popular variants of traditional pancakes is healthy banana
pancakes. These cakes are free of any whole wheat flour. So, they are also
the best if you are on a gluten-free diet.

Banana Pancakes Nutritional Facts

Most people know what pancakes are. But many are confused when bananas enter the scene. These healthy pancakes are the easiest to make and only need two ingredients. There is no need for fancy ingredients like pancake batter.

If you wish to make the two-ingredient banana pancakes, then the only things you will need are bananas and eggs. You can add butter, honey, or maple syrup if you want, but that will act as a garnish. This recipe will result in utterly gluten-free banana pancakes. 

Take a look at the nutritional facts for a single serving of banana pancakes, and you will find its actual benefits.

Nutrition Facts Serving Size 42 g
Calories78 Kcal
Sugar3.0 g
Total Fat3.5 g
Saturated Fat 1.2 g
Sodium111 mg
Potassium84 mg
Sugar2.4 g
Protein 1.8 g
Total Carbohydrates10 g
Cholesterol15 mg

Why Eat Banana Pancakes?

Now knowing the nutritional values of gluten-free banana pancakes is not
enough. That’s because all the values mean nothing to an average reader.
They don’t know what values are okay and what are bad.
For this reason, we are here to help you understand the significance of
these values.


A serving of 42 grams of banana pancakes has 78 kcal calories. This
number might seem low, but that is not the case in reality. You can
drastically increase calorie intake by consuming more pancakes or adding
honey to the final product.


The daily fat needed for an average human is 70 grams. Among these, a
single pancake serving provides you with 5%. Adding some butter to the
cakes will increase this percentage significantly.


Banana pancakes have more minerals in them compared to regular ones.
The addition of bananas supplies this additional mineral to the mix. A
simple banana pancake breakfast can satisfy about 10% of your daily
mineral requirements.


Many think that as banana pancakes have no whole wheat flour, it has no
carbs in them. They are not wrong, as a pancake breakfast will only fill 3%
of your carb needs.
But this mistake can easily be rectified using eggs and oats in the pancake
batter. And this process is much better than the alternatives.

Banana Pancake Oat Variant

If you find the traditional recipe to not be up to par, you can tweak it in
many different ways. One of the most famous recipes is the healthy banana
pancakes with oats. It takes the classic and simply adds oats to the mix.
The mixture or batter for this type is easy to make. Adding a cup of oats to
the mix is enough to supply you with the needed carps. It also increases
the fiber content as oats are inherently fibery.
But is that a healthy option? Of course, it is! Oats by themselves are great.
And when that same oat is mixed with the banana in the batter, it becomes
a superfood. You can add some almond milk to the mix and enhance the
protein factor that much.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are pancakes healthy for weight loss?

Not all pancakes are suitable for weight loss. The ones made from store-
bought powder or whole wheat flour are bad for weight loss. On the other
hand, healthy banana pancakes with a dash of salt are great as diet food.

How many carbs are in banana pancakes?

The carbs in the pancake depend on the toppings and core ingredients.
Traditional healthy banana pancakes for one that is 42 grams contains 10
grams of carb. It may seem low, but it is 3% of the daily requirement, which
adds up as one consumes more pancakes.

Why are banana pancakes better than regular pancakes?

Regular pancakes are the store-bought ones. It is enriched in added sugar
to make it sweet. Moreover, additives are used to make the batter seem
In the case of healthy banana pancakes, three ingredients are all you need,
and all of them are good for you.

Is it possible to make healthy banana pancakes without oats?

Yes, it is possible to make banana pancake recipes without oats. You can
altogether avoid it or add other ingredients. Chocolate chips for added
sugar or cinnamon for a kick are highly recommended.
What is the best add-on for banana pancakes?
After using a flat spatula to take the cake off the nonstick skillet, one can
add any toppings to the banana pancakes they want. A scoop of vanilla ice
cream or a dash of honey increases the taste factor.
Our favorite toppings are a scoop of butter with a pinch of salt.

Final Words

No one can say that a pancake for breakfast is not tasty. And if the
pancake in question is made using the banana recipe, it is bound to be
delicious. But many still doubt – are banana pancakes healthy or not?
Compared to the powder pancake obtained from any store, the homemade
ones are far healthier. Adding syrup to the final product or just some boiled
eggs will give you a boost of positive energy. And this energy from the
bananas will keep you running for the day!

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