Is Naked Juice Healthy? Find Out the Truth!

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If you pick up bottled juice rather than a sugary beverage, you might pat yourself on the back. Good for you! You’re being an adult and making all the healthy choices.

Or so you think. Most pre packaged juices are laden with so much sugar that it would make your bubble teas seem like water. But what about the brand Naked Juice? Is Naked Juice Healthy?

As a brand that claims to have no added sugar, preservative, or artificial flavors, it is the go-to option for all busy health nuts. But how healthy is it? Let’s find out if it’s all just more marketing gimmick. 

Nutrition Facts in A Bottle (450-Ml) of Naked Juice:

naked juice healthy

As you might already know, Naked Juice is an American brand owned by PepsiCo. But did you know that “Naked Juice” was not always this famous? 

With fad diets and social media making drinking juice “trendy” again, the brand’s popularity soared within the last few years. Besides juices, they also have a product line of smoothies. 

And all their drinks come in a plethora of flavor options. While it’s impossible to keep track of all their drinks, you should still know what you would be putting in your body. Here is what the nutritional component of one of their standard 450ml juice bottle would look like:

  1. Calories: 270
  2. Carbs: 63 grams
  3. Sugar: 53 grams
  4. Fiber: 1.3 grams
  5. Protein: 4 grams
  6. Fat: 0 grams

Also, there is 50% Vitamin C of the Daily Value and 25% Vitamins A, B2, and B6. So, the total amount would be somewhere 117.3 grams without calories. 

Is Naked Juice Healthy – Or is it Just Another Lie?

Naked juice isn’t as natural as they claim to be. And it is dangerous for our health. Any juice with 53 grams of sugar can’t be that healthy because we all know that sugar is white poison. 

CDC recommends a daily intake of 24 gm sugar for women and 36 gm for men. So, why would people even want to drink a juice with 53 grams of sugar?

The Ten Most Popular Juices of Naked Juice

Is Naked Juice Healthy

Now let’s look at some of the most popular juice flavors from Naked Juice. They are pretty well-loved and highly enjoyed across the country: 

  1. Orange Mango
  2. Strawberry Banana
  3. Mighty Mango
  4. Power C-Machine
  5. Green Machine
  6. OJ
  7. Red Machine
  8. Pure Coconut Water 
  9. Berry Blast
  10. Acai Machine

If you look at these very carefully, you will see that every one of these popular juices is not very high in protein. Almost every one of them says “No sugar added” but still is high on sugar. And they are not made from rich fruits. 

So, aren’t they misleading the people?

If I just break the points of Green Machine in front of you, then you will see, it claims to be no sugar added. But is it the truth? Because a look at the label reveals 53 grams of sugar-containing 270 calories in one 15-ounce bottle. 

So, doesn’t it prove that green juices are not always a healthy option? 

Downsides of Naked Juice:

Let’s talk about the downsides of Naked Juice a little more in detail. 

High Sugar, Low Fiber:

Naked Juice prides against its zero added sweetener policy. But where does all the sugar content come from? You must have guessed it; it’s the fruits! 

Also, the fruits used in it are low in fiber because most nutrients are removed during the juicing process. So, when we are taking a juice, we expect to be healthy but turn out to be high in calories! 

If you think about it, one bottle of Naked Juice contains 20 gm more sugar than a regular-sized soda. How unhealthy they must be!

Long-Term Health Issues:

These high sugar, low fiber beverages can lead us to long-term health issues such as diabetes. They will also add unexpected pounds to your weight. Besides, studies have proven that the consumption of high fructose slows down your fat metabolism.

You would not be able to efficiently burn off that calorie and fat you accidentally (and maybe unwittingly) consumed. 

So, you should keep your search going on for a healthy juice that can keep you healthy and will provide nutritious ingredients. And here are some juices that can help you:

  1. Cranberry juice
  2. Apple Juice
  3. Orange Juice
  4. Pomegranate juices 
  5. Prune Juice
  6. Acai berry juice
  7. Tomato juice

The sugar in these naturally occurring sources is relatively minimum so that it won’t spike your glucose levels as much. 

Benefits of Naked Juice

Though Naked Juice has more downsides than benefits, a few are going to help you. 


Naked juice can help you to meet your daily antioxidant needs. And since it has fruits and vegetables in it, the antioxidant content can help fight your body against certain chronic diseases. 

This is because fruits and vegetables make a safeguard against these diseases.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best naked drink flavor?

It depends on personal preferences. But I personally prefer Mighty Mango.

Which Naked Juice is the healthiest?

None of them are healthy, but it’s believed that the green machine is healthier compared to the others.

Can I drink Naked Juice every day?

No, as it would be very detrimental to your health.


If we look at the benefits of Naked juice, we will find points that can help us. But still, we can’t ignore all the downsides of it that overtake the benefits. We are only getting 4 grams of protein from one bottle of Naked Juice. It isn’t enough for our daily life.

And when we are choosing a juice for ourselves, why will we even choose a juice that has 53 grams of sugar in it? They are not only misleading the people by labeling “No sugar added” but also making juices with low fiber fruits. So, is Naked Juice healthy? Not really. 

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