Deep-Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie for One

I know, I know… it seems as though I’ve been posting sweet recipe after sweet recipe (with a little something cheesy thrown in); but you see, after what seemed like a long time during which sweets were unappealing during my first trimester, (what can I say, pregnancy does some strange things to your body!), they’re apparently back with a vengeance on my appetite’s menu.

Sooooo if you’re a sweet freak like me, all I can say about my recent recipe post pattern is: you’re welcome.

And if you’re not? I’m sorry.

Now let’s get to this deep-dish cookie.

Jenny from Picky Palate recently posted a recipe for a microwavable chocolate chip cookie made in a ramekin that looked so unbelievably delicious I had to make my own (slightly healthier) version.

I cut out half of the sugar, subbed in whole wheat pastry flour, and used grain-sweetened chocolate chips (which have less sugar than semi-sweet chips). I also cut the recipe in half (and used a smaller cup) just to keep the portion size in control.

Now I’m under no delusion that even my version is healthy. There’s butter. There’s sugar. BUT we’re just making a single serving here, folks. Instead of a week’s worth of chocolate chip cookies that you’ll be tempted to eat throughout the day, you’ll have one portion of warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie goodness.

Much better than three-day-old going-stale cookies, no?

Now be sure to measure your ingredients really carefully. I’ve made this cookie cup three times now, and they’ve varied in how cakey they turn out… probably because I wasn’t diligent about measuring the egg & baking soda each time.

If you do nail the measurements, you’ll be rewarded with a warm, soft, perfectly sweet, and gooey single-serving deep-dish chocolate chip cookie.

What could be better than that?



Deep-Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie for One

by Lauren Zembron (adapted from Picky Palate’s 60 Second Chocolate Chip Cookie a la Mode)

Prep Time: 3 minutes

Cook Time: 40 seconds

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Ingredients (1 serving)

  • 1 Tbsp unsalted butter, at room temperature
  • 1/2 Tbsp unrefined granulated sugar, such as evaporated cane juice
  • 1/2 Tbsp packed light brown sugar
  • 1 Tbsp beaten egg, preferably organic (cover & chill remaining beaten egg for tomorrow’s cookie cup… you will be making another one!)
  • tiny splash pure vanilla extract
  • 2 1/2 Tbsp whole wheat pastry flour
  • 1/8 tsp baking soda
  • tiny pinch salt
  • heaping 1 Tbsp grain-sweetened chocolate chips, such as Sunspire


In a small ramekin or microwavable cup, combine softened butter and both sugars; stir well with a spoon. Stir in beaten egg and vanilla extract. Stir in flour, baking soda, and salt just until combined. Stir in chocolate chips.

Microwave on high for 35-40 seconds. Let cookie rest at room temperature for about 10 seconds before devouring.

Nutritional Information:

253.2 calories, 13.8 grams fat, 8.4 grams saturated fat, 2.9 grams fiber, 17.5 grams sugars, 2.4 grams protein

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94 thoughts on “Deep-Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie for One

  1. This is a fantastic idea! I RARELY make a whole batch of cookies anymore because of that exact reason….then they are laying around the house for days and I’m munching on them for days. I’m looking forward to trying this. Maybe even as a special after school treat for the kids after the first day of school today!! Thanks!!

  2. This just about broke my heart tonight. I followed the directions exactly, but when I slid my ramekin into the microwave… it bubbled. It lumped. It became a dark brown mess in the bottom of the dish, with half of it having the consistency of overly chewy brownie and the other half too goop-y and oily to taste. What went wrong here? I’m looking at your pictures of perfect cookie goodness and I want to cry.

    1. Hm. I’m not exactly sure what might have gone wrong… I’ve made the cookie several times, and though at times it came out more cakey, it never bubbled or lumped. Perhaps your microwave works differently than mine?

  3. Hi!! I just tried this recipe like just now. All i can say is wow. I didn’t have any chocolate chips, so i used mini m&m’s. turned out delish! i didn’t realize it would turn out more cakey than cookie-ish, but that doesn’t matter. sooooo good :D

  4. I’ve tried a few of these before, and they just tasted strange. However, I just tried this one and it’s perfect! Thanks for this great recipe AND for cutting back some of the sugar!!

  5. perfect when one likes deep chocolate and another prefers white chocolate! when doubling, i found i had to increase overall cooking time – almost double, but check twice just till top is no longer wet. yum!

  6. I literally ran to the kitchen to make this! I added more sugar, though (I’m a sweet fiend). I also decided to do one that replaces 1 Tbs flour with a Tbs of cocoa powder, and then added a dollop of locally made fudge. It came out the perfect Chocolate Lava cake. thank you so much for the recipe and the inspiration!

  7. I tried this a couple times and loved it so much I decided to blog about it. Thanks so much for the awesome recipe; I have it memorized already!! Keep up the great posts!!

    1. I haven’t personally tried the recipe with regular sugar and flour, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work with those substitutions.

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  8. WOAH. So basically I used regular sugar, regular flour etc. instead of whole wheat etc. (thats probably what went wrong..) My cup came out all fluffy, the choco chips on the bottom, and a reallllly weird texture. Also, the recipe is way too small.. I have a very sweet tooth and it took me about 1 second to eat. What exactly went wrong in my recipe!? Was it the no whole wheat and organic?

    1. I’m sorry to hear that the deep dish cookie didn’t work out for you. I’ve made the recipe many times, and although some of my cookies were slightly more cake-y than others, it came out pretty well each time.

  9. I’ve substituted normal sugar and AP flour when I used this recipe (it’s all I had) and it turned out fine and so yummy! Thanks for this awesome recipe :)

    Only thing is, everytime I’ve made it, it comes out a little salty o_o And I’m not sure why because I even skip on adding the salt. Any idea why it tastes a little salty? D;

  10. What power is your microwave? Knowing that would help me (and others, I’m sure) adjust the cooking time properly.

    My microwave, for example, has a max. output of 800W.

  11. I just made this after bringing home a box of chocolate covered donuts…only to not beat my family to them and miss out. Lucky for me!! I was craaaving something sweet and after a quick Pinterest search I landed here. I made mine with a substitution of 1tb white whole wheat flour and butterscotch chips (all I had). 35 seconds and I was eating it with Nutella on my spoon…OH MY GOODNESS!!! So perfect. Thank you!!

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