Monday Musings + Crab Cake Burgers (revisited)

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Lauren Zembron
I am a 34 year old living outside of Boston with my wonderful husband, energetic daughter, sweet son, and playful dog. I have degrees in both psychology and guidance counseling, and have worked in a variety of school settings. I strive to find a balance between the two basic food philosophies of “eat to live” and “live to eat“. I believe that food should be (and is!) one of the great pleasures of leading a healthy lifestyle.

1. The weather this weekend in Boston was utterly gorgeous! On Saturday night we went out with some friends for a Mexican dinner, mine consisting of the following:

Braised Short Rib Taco (shredded beef, jicama, radish, cilantro, cotija) & Grilled Fish Taco (Mahi-Mahi, dijon cilantro, spring mix, pico).

I had a great night, which was – unfortunately – followed by a crummy day. Sunday was spent curled up on the couch. I hate wasting a beautiful spring day inside, but I did NOT feel good (hopefully not due to the tacos!).


2. Once I felt like eating again, I dove into this exciting new find from Whole Foods:

Monday Musings + Crab Cake Burgers (revisited)

Nature’s Path Love Crunch CARROT CAKE Granola.

Yes, carrot cake granola. I guess the big-name granola companies finally caught on to the food blogger trend.

This stuff is GOOD. At 130 calories, 4 grams of fat, 8 grams of sugar, and 2 grams each of fiber & protein per 1/4 cup you get huge clusters of oats, pecans, carrot, pineapple, raisins, & cinnamon + little yogurt chips to complete the carrot cake experience.

Now, I know that as a food blogger I’m supposed to say that homemade is waaaay better than store-bought… but in this case, the packaged stuff is pretty damn good!

3. My parents brought me this olive oil from their trip to Italy!

Monday Musings + Crab Cake Burgers (revisited)

I foresee loaves of crusty bread dipped into bowls of the liquid gold, stacks of caprese salad finished off with a generous drizzle, and simple but heavenly heaps of fresh linguine bathed in parmesan-laden pools of this authentic olive oil.


4. I immediately thought of my Crab Cake Burgers for this week’s “cookout” theme over at The Back Burner.

Monday Musings + Crab Cake Burgers (revisited)

This is a fantastic way to ring in the impending unofficial start to summer over Memorial Day weekend!

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