Is Vegan Pizza Healthy? Can Vegans Eat Pizza?

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Unlike the name might suggest at first, vegan food does not always mean healthy food. While the lack of some ingredients could make it a healthier food, vegan, as a lot of us might misinterpret, in fact, does not mean healthy. 

A favorite junk food, pizza, is an unhealthy food due to the high amounts of sodium, fat, and carbs it usually contains. Especially the ones we buy from the mainstream places. 

But what about vegan pizza? Is vegan pizza healthy? Let us find out! In this article, I will discuss how healthy vegan pizzas are and how you can personalize your own version.

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What’s There in a Vegan Pizza?

what is a vegan pizza

When it comes to pizza dough, almost all pizza doughs are vegan. That is unless a special ingredient containing animal products (like yogurt) is used. A basic pizza dough consists of water, salt, white flour, and yeast. These are all vegan options. 

Then comes the part that adds the flavor to the pizzas: the toppings. Vegan pizzas are made with plant-based ingredients. The sauces are vegan; there’s vegan cheese. 

You could top them with anything you like, for example, tomatoes, basil, broccoli, spinach, etc., veggies. 

Now, if you are used to the classic pizzas, these might sound unappetizing at first, but trust me! Vegan pizzas are as delicious as their non-vegan counterpart when you make it the right way. 

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How Healthy Is Vegan Pizza?

is vegan pizza good

Even though veganism does not necessarily mean healthy, the lack of high carb ingredients replaced with much healthier, plant-based items must add up to something, right? Let us go over some points about vegan pizzas to decide how healthy these pizzas exactly are?

Low on Calories (Only When Made the Right Way!)

Vegan pizzas are not generally that significantly lower in calories than a regular pizza. The ingredients are swapped, but with items that contain just as many calories. 

But if you make vegan pizza with the thought of reducing it in calories, you can definitely work it out. Vegan means you are scraping off the cheese and greasy protein items. Although some non-dairy cheese is not that healthy, you definitely have safe options. 

Pizzas come hand in hand with overloaded cheesy products that add to the high fats and calories. They contain greasy toppings that, again, contain high amounts of fat. When you are ordering vegan pizzas that leave out the greasiness from their ingredient list, it automatically lowers the unhealthy calories. 

Contains More Nutrients Than a Regular Pizza 

When you are playing around with vegan pizzas, the toppings consist of veggies that contain lots of important nutrients. Now, if you fry the veggies in oil, it is not healthy. 

Vegan pizzas are dependent on plant-based items. Any pizza can be made healthier if the meat toppings are replaced by vegetables (cooked in less oil). 

If made in moderation and in a way that the nutrients will not be lost, vegan pizzas are definitely healthier, even if the calories count is not significantly lower. 

Low Cholesterol 

Vegan pizzas contain fewer cholesterol-inducing ingredients. As a result, the amounts of cholesterol are significantly low. This vegan pizza is conceived as healthy. 

Won’t Make You Feel Bloated Afterwards – Unlike Regular Junk Foods

Eating junk foods leave a heavy aftertaste. The greasiness we ate takes over, and we start to feel queasy. But with the right vegan pizza, you never have to feel gross after eating pizza! 

That means you might be able to save yourself from the heaviness you usually feel from a regular pizza. It actually makes you feel better, not having to cut down on slices!

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Is Vegan Pizza Healthy to Eat?

Is vegan pizza healthy

Vegan pizza can also contain as many calories as a regular pizza. It could be low in protein but high in carbs and fats. So, making vegan pizza, the right way will definitely make it healthy to eat. 

While using vegan cheese, make sure to check the calories and contents. You can have vegan pizza once every couple of weeks, and you will be fine. As always, moderation is the key. 

Too much of something is never a good option. If we want to pursue a healthy diet, we cannot just focus on one item. We have to understand the diverse foods we are eating and realize if they are okay for us to eat. 

A Basic Vegan Pizza Recipe with Different Toppings Combination

You can use regular flour, yeast, salt, and water to make pizza dough, as it is usually already vegan. 

But for the sauce, you can make a nice pizza sauce with tomatoes and add in your own spices to spike the flavor. You could blend in red peppers, bell peppers, garlic, Italian herbs to enhance the taste of the pizza sauce.

For the toppings, you can try out these different combinations and add your own mixture of spices to them:

  • Jalapenos, taco spices, and veggies
  • Broccoli, red chili, basil
  • Tomatoes and basil, the classic!
  • Cauliflower, carrots, onion slices
  • Spinach with vegan cheese and bell peppers
  • Colorful bell peppers (roasted) and Italian herbs
  • Potatoes (thinly roasted), rosemary or thyme, vegan sour cream 
  • Olives, cabbage, cashew salad sprinkles 
  • Creamy white sauce with roasted vegetables 
  • Crumbled tofu, some pesto, and basil with tomatoes
  • Barbeque sauce and vegan taco meat 

You can try these delicious combinations at home. Just because you’re cutting down on meat and cheese does not mean you have to sacrifice the taste! Once you make these at home with your own touch, you will fall in love. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is vegan pizza healthier than regular pizza?

Vegan pizza is comparatively healthier than normal pizza. 

Is vegan pizza good for weight loss?

Vegan pizza is not necessarily best for weight loss, but it can certainly be a healthy option if you can exclude the unhealthy components.

Does the vegan pizza have fewer calories?

The calorie count in vegan pizza is not much different from normal pizzas. However, it also does not contain the animal fats or the normal cheese pizzas contain.  

What ingredients are there in a vegan pizza?

Vegan pizza excludes all animal-based products. So it can be made with vegan cheese, veggies, and any vegan options. 

Final Words

In the plan of eating healthy or vegan only, you do not have to toss out pizza as a meal option. Is vegan pizza healthy? Almost any dish can be made healthy when you customize it according to your needs. 

It is better to do a check on the individual calories and ingredients of the certain food you are having.

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