Is Squaw Bread Healthy?

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Bread is a staple in every household. Hence, we should carefully assess the ingredients used to make it. Most families rely on white bread, but its health adversaries are well known; therefore, many are moving to consume squaw bread instead. 

Squaw bread is more nutritious because it is rich in nutrients and fiber. So, is squaw bread healthy? 

These brown, sweet bread are the saving grace of many households as they become more cautious about the type of food they consume. The nutrient-rich bread is excellent for weight loss too. 

Apart from squaw bread, other alternative healthy bread options are also available. Let’s dive into the details.

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Ingredients Used to Make Squaw Bread

what is squaw bread made of

This Squaw bread is whole rye bread with both American and German flavoring. It is a sweet, soft, and fluffy dark brown bread. The central ingredient of this bread is rye, followed by molasses. 

It has excellent health benefits and can be used to make a delicious sandwich. You can also create an appetizer by spreading some butter on the squaw bread or by serving it with a side of salads and cheese. Making it the dish ultimate dish for a small informal gathering. 

Although this bread has excellent health benefits, it also has its downsides. Subsequently, there are great alternatives to this healthy bread as well.

Is Squaw Bread Healthy? 

Is Squaw Bread Healthy

Squaw bread is very healthy for your heart and stomach. It is rich in fiber which helps you maintain a regular bowel movement. Also, it’s low in carbohydrates, so good for your health. And it is a bit on the sweeter side, but its nutrients help regulate the sugar level in the body. 

Thus, making it suitable for diabetic and constipated patients. Additionally, it makes you feel full, which satiates your hunger for a more extended period making this a star candidate in your weight loss journey. 

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Benefits of Squaw Bread

Squaw bread has excellent health benefits that appeal to a broader demographic. It is a multigrain bread with plenty of nutrients. 

High in Fiber:

The squaw bread has a higher concentration of fiber, which is excellent for the body as it absorbs water and makes it easier for bowel movements. Hence, it reduces the chances of having constipation. 

Fibers in the bread help regulate cholesterol in the body, making this bread ideal for people who suffer from heart problems and constipation. 

Moreover, since it is rich in fiber, it does wonder to control food cravings as it makes one feel full, so cravings for sugar and other food go down. 

The squaw bread also lowers insulin, making it ideal for people with diabetes.  

Low Carbohydrates:

Squaw bread has low carbohydrates, making it great for reducing weight. In addition, it has lower calories making it the perfect carb for your weight loss journey and a favorite among bodybuilding enthusiasts. 

It contains around 100 calories, but it depends on the ingredients used to make the bread. 

Apart from that, it is excellent for boosting metabolism. So, it is ideal for weight loss as metabolism is a crucial component of one’s weight loss journey. 

Control Blood Pressure and Sugar levels in the body:

Squaw bread has ingredients that can lower your blood pressure level, so it is ideal for adding squaw bread to your diet if you are suffering from high blood pressure. 

Although this bread has some added sugar elements, it has some natural elements that help regulate the sugar level in one’s blood. Since it regulates blood sugar levels, it again proves to be an ideal bread choice for a diabetic patient.

Furthermore, consuming it makes you feel full, reducing cravings for other sugar-based food. Therefore, making it ideal for people looking to incorporate more healthy items. 

Additionally, it helps people with gastric problems hormonal problems as it lowers their progress. 

When Should You Avoid Squaw Bread? 

You should avoid squaw bread if you are allergic to gluten as it can cause serious health complications. It does not contain much protein; hence, it is unsuitable for eating on its own and needs a protein source to make a balanced meal.  

How is Squaw Bread Different from White Bread?

Squaw bread is a multigrain bread with a lot of nutritious value. However, white bread is made from highly processed flour and manufactured using artificial substances. Moreover, the sugar content is more significant in white bread. 

Therefore, white bread eliminates any good nutrients or fibers, so vitamins and minerals are added. Still, a few other preservatives are added, making it very unhealthy. Consuming white bread can lead to obesity and gateway to other diseases. 

Differences Between Squaw Bread and White Bread 

  • Squaw bread is made from rye and molasses, while white bread is made from processed flour and added additives. 
  • Also, squaw bread has relatively low carbohydrates, low protein, high fiber, and has many nutrients. On the other hand, white bread has high protein, carbohydrates, and artificially added vitamins while lacking fiber and other nutrients. 
  • Unlike white bread, squaw bread is good for weight loss, constipation, cholesterol, low blood pressure, and controlling sugar levels in the blood. 
  • Squaw bread is less fluffer and sweeter than white bread because white bread does not have fiber, while squaw bread does. The fiber in squaw bread makes it a tad coarser.

How to Make a Squaw Bread? 

How to Make a Squaw Bread

A squaw bread is best made at home as packaged squaw bread has a few added ingredients that deprive it of its nutritious values. In addition, you need a lot of time to make this bread. 

It requires you to prepare the dough, pre-heat the oven, and gather all the necessities, so make sure you have ample time before making this bread at home. 

Gather All the Ingredients:

The ingredients needed to make a squaw bread are rye flour, yeast, water, butter, cocoa powder, honey, molasses, and cornmeal. 

Add Yeast and Let the Bread Sit:

Add one packet of yeast, one and a half cups of water, and three spoons of four tablespoons of refined sugar and toss them in a big round bowl. 

You should let the yeast rise for a few minutes. Meanwhile, you can take a break and get a few small chores done. 

Add Other Ingredients and Mix Them:

Here comes the star ingredient- Rye flour. Precisely measure two and a half cups of rye flour while adding four calculated molasses, with a generous two teaspoonfuls of honey. Follow that with two teaspoonfuls of butter, cocoa powder, and cornmeal.  

To add more flavor, add precisely one teaspoon of salt. Be careful while adding salt, and do not mix sugar and salt as all your hard work will go in vain.

Kneading the dough by hand is a long and tedious task. To make things quicker, add all the ingredients in quantity mentioned above and mix them in a mixer. Traditional kneading by hand has its perks, but time is money. So, get things done more efficiently by making the dough in a mixer. 

Allow the Dough to Rest and Preheat the Oven: 

Once you make the dough, make it into a round shape and brush it with some oil. Then find a moderate-sized bowl and let the dough rest there with a clean cloth over it for one whole hour. 

Try not to poke or disturb the dough during that hour. Meanwhile, get a nap, get some office work done or complete longer chores around the house. All while letting the oven pre-heat at a temperature of 455 degrees Celsius. 

Complete the Heating Process: 

Find a large tray that would perfectly fit inside an oven and line parchment paper on the tray. Then add some corn flour to the parchment so that the dough does not stick to the parchment paper. 

When the pre-heating duration is over, place the tray in the ocean and let it bake for thirty-five minutes. Constantly check the bread to ensure that it does not get burnt. 

Immediately after cooking, let the hot bread cool for a few minutes before you dig into it and serve it to others. 

Are There Other Healthy Alternative Bread to Squaw Bread? 

squaw bread benefits

Let’s get to know about the alternatives as well. 

Rye Bread:

Rye bread has many health benefits. As the name suggests, this bread is primarily made from rye and wheat. Eating rye bread will satiate your hunger and regulate your blood sugar level and hormones. 

In addition, rye has a high fiber content which is excellent for maintaining healthy bowel movements and relieving constipation. Simultaneously, it can lower cholesterol, thus improving your heart’s health. 

They have a dark brown color and are sour. This distinctive taste from white does not sit well with ordinary people. Moreover, it is somewhat denser and has gluten, comparatively lesser than other bread. 

Since it has gluten, people allergic to gluten cannot consume such bread as it can be detrimental to their health. Also, it can result in bloating for people who cannot properly digest all the rye bread ingredients. Additionally, the high sugar concentration makes it easier on the taste buds but not on your health. 

Oat Bread: 

Oat bread is a very healthy bread to consume as it is packed with nutrition. It’s is produced from oats, yeast, and wheat. Since it is made of oats, it has high fiber, suitable for bowel movement, and relieves constipation. It also digests carbs slowly to feel full for a long time. 

Most pieces of oat bread have a high amount of wheat flour. Hence, the carbohydrate amount is lightly higher in oat bread and is high in protein. However, it is rich in protein as oats do not make bread ingredients, so it needs a little help. 

Unfortunately, the addition of wheat flour means it is unsuitable for gluten intolerant people. But there are a few gluten-free options, oat bread options, but those have high starch content. 

Gluten-Free bread:

Gluten-free bread is made using sound technology and is free of rye or wheat. 

Some gluten-free bread is made out of almonds corn flour, among many other ingredients. These loaves of bread are a lifesaver for their health. It gives you a range of food to choose from and is ideal for people who have a gluten allergy or an autoimmune disease called celiac. 

However, to determine how healthy gluten-free bread is, you must look at the ingredient list. Usually, it lacks high fiber concentration, which is incredibly unhealthy for your stomach. Furthermore, it has a higher concentration of refined sugar which can be detrimental to health. 

Since making the bread requires sophisticated technology, the loaves of bread do not come cheap. As a result, it can make a hefty dent in your pocket. Hence, experts advise steering clear of gluten-free bread if you do not have gluten sensitivity as some types of these bread are not as healthy. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are rye bread and squaw bread the same?

They are not the same. Rye is one of the significant ingredients of squaw bread, but squaw bread has other ingredients. 

Are there other names for squaw bread? 

Squaw is considered an offensive term in some cultures; hence it has a new name. It is most commonly known as “Cucamonga sweet wheat.”

How many calories are in the squaw bread? 

The calorie count depends on how it is made, and it usually has 100 calories in it. 


Is squaw bread healthy? It shines when compared to white bread in terms of nutrition, making it a healthier option. 

There are many ways this nutritious bread can be made and consumed. The most straightforward recipe is written in this article. So simply follow the steps to create delicious bread. Other healthy alternatives to squaw bread are oat bread, rye bread, and gluten-free bread. 

Since you are well-versed in the nutritional benefits of all the healthy bread, try to make them at home! 

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