Is Hawaiian Bread Healthy? The Real Truth!

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Soft, yeasty, and stretchy – Hawaiian bread is a delight to sink your teeth into. But, we all know, bread, in general, is loaded with carbs and fat and is not healthy. 

So, what about Hawaiian bread, which is practically a dessert? Is Hawaiian bread healthy? Since it is low GI and a good source of protein and fiber, can you eat those every day and still lose weight? 

Well, it depends. They have a high caloric count, even more than generic white bread! However, like any other food, it is up to you to decide how much you consume and whether it will negatively affect your health. 

But why does it get such a bad rep? Well, we’ve broken down the nutritional facts, along with their potential health benefits and detriments. Read more to find out. 

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What Is Hawaiian Bread?

what is hawaiian bread

It is a type of sweet bread that was brought to Hawaii by the Portuguese immigrants. With time, this bread became a part of American culture. What differentiates Hawaiian bread from other dinner rolls? It is the unique sweetness this bread has in it.

When you bite into a piece of Hawaiian bread, you will notice that it is soft and quickly melts in your mouth. You will feel a bit of sour yeast taste with a tinge of sweetness. It is a delicious treat for yourself after a full-packed meal.

The bread can be enjoyed by anyone in a couple of ways. You can spruce it up to make a sweet or savory bread pudding. Or you can just take the bread, slice it in half, spread butter on it and enjoy! 

How This Delicious Bread Is Made

Hawaiian bread is prepared by combining milk,  yeast, and sugar. Egg yolks and egg wash are used in the process to give it an exotic color and taste. The sweetness gives it a particular flavor that makes this bread stand out from the crowd.

Is Hawaiian Bread Healthy

is hawaiian bread healthy

Now, the moment of truth. The answer which we are looking for from the beginning. Whether or not the Hawaiian bread is healthy. Before finding the answer, let us see some facts about this dessert; how many calories it has, the nutrients check, and how this bread will affect your body.

Nutrition Facts of Hawaiian Bread:

While you are eating, I know you do not have the chance to look for the nutrients. Let me help you with that. A roll of Hawaiian bread mainly has carbohydrates, sodium, sugar, protein, and zero fiber. 

Yes, you heard it correctly. There is no presence of fiber in this bread. On the other hand, it is full of high sugar content.

A single roll of Hawaiian bread can provide you with 90 calories. The bread is wholly made from white flour, and there is not enough whole grain. 

Can you believe if I say that the packed bread is made with fifty preservatives and chemicals? It might be surprising, but it is a fact. FDA has approved the use of these chemicals, but they are still not health-friendly.

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Benefits of Eating Hawaiian Bread

hawaiian bread benefits

The benefits of Hawaiian bread mainly depend on you. If you choose to prepare it at home, you save your body from taking in these chemicals. But, if you decide to take your bread from the grocery, which is the packed bread, it will not be that healthy. But let’s talk about the benefits first, shall we?

A Good Source of Carbohydrates and Sugar:

If you eat one roll, you can have 16 grams of carbohydrates, and if you go for one bun, that number will increase to 24 grams. This makes Hawaiian bread an excellent option to fulfill your daily carbohydrate intake. You can have it according to your diet plan. 

We have mentioned that Hawaiian bread’s specialty is sweetness. With this bread, you can almost have 20% of your daily sugar intake. Carbohydrates and sugar are essential for our body to function at full throttle.

Protein and Low Amount of Fat:

Milk and eggs are the primary sources of protein in Hawaiian bread. The amount of protein is good, but there is another positive side of this bread. 

And that is, it has a meager amount of fats. In one roll, you can find only 2 grams of fat. So, if you think that eating one roll can crush your weight-loss plan, you will be wrong.

Drawbacks of Eating Hawaiian Bread

This delicious bread might lure you into eating it more, but halt! Eating anything excess was never healthy, and when it comes to sweet bread like this, you need to be aware.

Too Much Sugar:

As per recommendation, men should consume only 37 grams of sugar per day, and for women, it is 25. When you consume 6-8 grams of sugar in one sitting, it will have an impact on your entire diet plan. Eating sweet bread like this on a daily basis can lead you to type-2 diabetes.

This may be contradictory to what we said earlier. But all we mean by this is that it depends on how much sugar you consume for it to be beneficial or detrimental to your health. 

An Abundance of Chemicals and Preservatives:

You do not want to eat bread with the same element used to create a yoga mat, right? But your Hawaiian bread has this element inside it. There are even chemicals that can cause Cardiac Fibrosis. 

Is that all? No. Furthermore, some preservatives and chemicals can create long-term problems like migraine, skin rashes, etc.

Got Some Questions?

There are some common queries in everyone’s mind about Hawaiian Bread. These FAQs may help you in finding your answers before tasting the Hawaiian bread:

Does Hawaiian Bread have honey in it?

Yes. Hawaiian bread is full of high sugary contents, one of them being honey.

Is there any presence of preservatives in Hawaiian Bread?

The answer might shock you, but yes, Hawaiian bread consists of 50 different preservatives and chemicals.

Is Hawaiian Bread from Hawaii?

Although its name suggests that it is from Hawaii, this bread is from Portugal.

Does eating Hawaiian bread make you fat?

It depends on you entirely. Eating one bread might not cause trouble, but if you eat it in a large number, you might be in trouble.

How to eat Hawaiian Bread?

You can use the bread for a slider or sandwich, make croutons, or create a bread pudding. Also, you can enjoy it as a French toast.

Can I eat Hawaiian bread daily?

If you are on a diet, try not to eat it every day. Also, eating Hawaiian bread daily can cause some other health issues. Just eat in once in a while.

Taste the Traditional Hawaiian Food But Not Much!

Everyone in America wants to try Hawaiian bread once in their lifetime. We are not stopping you from trying the bread. It will not create any problem in your health if you eat it occasionally. 

Also, if you are someone who strictly follows a diet plan, then eating sweet bread like this sometimes can give you a little relief. A bit of advice will be, do not overeat it. Now that you’ve gotten the answer to the question, is Hawaiian bread healthy, make sure to remember it the next time you find yourself stuffing your face with these decadent rolls.

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