Are Apples Acidic and Good for Acid Reflux? [pH-wise]

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Raise your hand if you have heard the phrase, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” I am sure that, if not all, then most of you have heard it.

But, when we eat an apple, we do not know its contents. We do not care much about it as apples are delicious fruits. Although, for the health-conscious people out there to know what exactly they are consuming.

Are apples acidic, or is it alkaline fruit? Is it actually that good for us that it will keep the doctors away? You can acquire all the knowledge about apples that you need in this article. 

Are Apples Acidic or Alkaline?

The acidity and alkalinity of a substance depend on the pH level of that substance. If the pH level is below 7, then it can be called acidic. Again, if the pH level is above 7, then that substance is alkaline. 

Is an apple acidic or alkaline fruit for you? 

Apples are some of the most delicious fruits of all time as we all know them. But knowing if apples are healthy for us is a crucial task. 

In order to know such a thing, you need to know if apples are acidic or alkaline as well.

The pH level of a cultivated apple is usually 4. This means that apples are acidic as it is below the pH level of 7, which is only the case with acidic substances.

Are cooked apples acidic? 

A lot of people love cooking with apples. But, they don’t necessarily know what their pH levels are and if they are acidic or not. 

Knowing if a cooked apple is acidic or not can be helpful for your health benefits as well.

When you cook apples, they reach a pH level between 3 and 4. So, that means cooked apples are also acidic.

Are Green Apples Acidic?

Green apples contain citric acid like ascorbic acid and malic acid as well. So, even though some people might think that green apples are not acidic, they indeed are acidic.

As sour apples have a ph level that is lower than 7, they are acidic.

Are Red Apples Acidic?

Usually, we associate green fruits with acidic fruits. That is not always the case as even red apples have a pH level below 7, which means they are also acidic.

So, are red apples acidic? Yes,  you can safely say that red apples are, in fact acidic.

Why are apples acidic?

Unlike non-acidic fruits, apples contain malic acid, causing apples to be so acidic. Different types of apples contain different amounts of malic acid, making them taste different as well. This acid can cause you to have a dry mouth if you have too much of it.

The food chemistry of apples is amazing. Acidic foods like apples also contain a certain amount of organic acids like ascorbic acid or even vitamin C. You will find it most in wild apples rather than apples that are grown on the farm. 

Therefore, this is exactly why apples are acidic.

Here is a chart of the ingredients that make apples acidic.

Acidic Ingredients Quantity of the Ingredient in 100 grams of Apples 
Malic Acid0.3 to 0.6 grams
Ascorbic Acid or Vitamin C4.8 milligrams 

Are Apples Good for Acid Reflux?

Apple is a traditional fruit. And, apples are good for acid reflux. Let us find out why.

If you have acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux, you will be advised to avoid certain foods. This will include acidic food like citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, limes, and even acidic food like tomatoes. 

But, it is completely the opposite with apples. Even though they are acidic, apples are helpful for people with acid reflux or GERD. 

Doctors actually recommend eating lots of apples of any kind like mature apples, sweet McIntosh, sweet caroline apples, and other apple products for patients with GERD. 

The main reason that apples are helpful for GERD patients is that it contains a lot of alkalizing minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium, which help a lot with acid reflux.

What Other Fruits Are Good for Acid Reflux and Are They Acidic?

Apart from apples, it is also recommended that you eat fruits like grapes and bananas for acid reflux or heartburn as it has very little acid that is harmful.

These fruits are great for GERD patients because of similar reasons why apples are good for GERD patients.

Now, are grapes acidic or alkaline? They are known to be acidic or moderate to low alkaline fruits. Again, are bananas acidic? No, they are not. It is good to know these pieces of information.

Are Apple Cider Vinegar and Apple Juice Acidic?

Apple cider vinegar and apple juice are both products of apples. As apples are acidic, the question may arise if these two are as well.

Let us explore if apple cider vinegar and apple juice are acidic or alkaline. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

When it comes to apple cider vinegar, it is quite acidic, with a pH level between 2 to 3. It is known for its high acidity and nutritional facts how it will reduce inflammation

It is most popular in the beauty industry and for its health benefits because it is rich in antioxidants. Apple cider vinegar is known to be most beneficial for hair and skin.

It Behaves Alkaline

Even though apple cider vinegar is acidic, it acts alkaline. This is because of buffer systems by the digestive process when it is digested. What happens is this system will help maintain the balance in the stomach and will create a suitable environment for the growth of pro bacteria. This process of metabolism is known as metabolic alkalosis.

Some believe that if you consume acidic apple cider vinegar, it will make your body alkaline for some reason. But, this is a misconception because when acid breaks through the digestive system, it makes more acid.  

Thus, your body becomes a little more acidic because the pH of the body drops. But, the buffers for pH that reside in your body will resist the change and keep the pH balanced.

Apple Juice

Now about apple juice. It is also acidic as the pH of apple juice is between 3.4 to 3.5, slightly more acidic than its original form.

Apple juice has a good shelf-life because of its acidity. So, it did not require any preservatives traditionally. But, nowadays, preservatives are added to apple juice for an increased freshness for longer.

Final Words

Apples are a natural wonder. They are delicious and healthy with a lot of benefits. Are apples acidic? Yes, they are. But in a good way. This is because apples are great for keeping different kinds of diseases at bay. 

Everyone should keep apples in their diets. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will start eating more apples as well.

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