Evoke Antioxidant Muesli Breakfast Cookies

evoke breakfast cookies

I have an exciting new partnership with Evoke Foods Muesli, and my first recipe is now up on their blog.

evoke breakfast cookies

 Be sure to check out my Breakfast Cookies featuring Evoke’s Antioxidant Muesli! They are refined sugar-free, deliciously chewy, easy to make, and are the perfect healthy breakfast-on-the-go.
evoke breakfast cookies

Big News!

Friends, please pardon my sporadic posting over these past couple of months. You see, I’ve been busy baking up a little brother or sister for Lily! First trimester nausea made it difficult to simply eat, so you can imagine how tough it has been for me to get into the kitchen for recipe development.

Now that I’m into my second trimester, I’ve been feeling more like myself (albeit tired pretty much all of the time), and my appetite is slowly returning to full force. I can’t promise that I’ll be back with regular recipe posting seeing as though I’m still using my designated blogging time (Lily’s nap) to, well, nap… but I will be posting more often.

My second e-cookbook is almost complete, so thank you for sticking out the wait!

We are all super excited for the newest addition to our family, who will be fully baked by November.

Until then, ice cream & pickles!