Monday Musings + Winter Squash Wheat Berry Risotto

1. Christmas morning with John’s family was lovely! We spent a lazy morning drinking coffee, eating kielbasa & babka, and opening presents.

Among the many generous gifts bestowed upon me were these three cookbooks:

I can’t wait to get cooking/baking!

Did you receive any foodie gifts?

2. I typically prepare blog posts days in advance, but here I am at 7:47 pm on Monday evening composing this post. Hence the brief list of musings.

Posts will be rather sparse for the remainder of the week, as we’re heading down on Thursday to see my family in PA. I have a bunch of recipes in the works, so rest assured there will be many posts in the new year!



3. You might have noticed that I’ve added a recipage to the blog. I’m hoping that the more streamlined recipe page will be easier to navigate. I still have a ton of recipes to add… consider it a work in progress.

4. For today’s Back Burner post, I’m sharing my recipe for Winter Squash Wheat Berry Risotto. This week’s theme was New Year’s/resolutions and – as you’ll read in the post – mine is to explore a wider array of whole grains.

If you have a favorite recipe that features farro, millet, bulgur, etc., please share links in the comments section.

Have a wonderful remainder of 2011!

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