Monday Musings + The Gobbler

1. I’m slowly becoming addicted to early morning runs.

Actually, let me clarify. When I say “run” what I really mean is a 3 mile jog… but – almost without fail – days that commence with a sunrise run are better than those that don’t.

Gotta love those endorphins!

2. Thanks to those runs, (plus twice weekly weight training sessions, routine 45 minute hikes with Shelby, 1 to 2 workout videos – Jillian Michales or Tae Bo – per week, and occasional yoga), I don’t feel at all bad about indulging in desserts like this.

3. Remember those Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Glazed Pancakes for One I shared with you last Friday? Here’s how the first batch turned out:

My original recipe called for incorporating the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip right into the batter… and I ended up with a sticky mess all over my griddle. After tossing around a few less-than-savory words, I scrapped that idea and started from scratch using my fail-proof nonstick skillet.

Proof that life as a food blogger is not exactly glamorous.

4. Al Roker replied to one of my tweets!

I’ve become quite a big fan of The Today Show, so this pretty much made my day… even though it was just a one-word response ;).

5. Both of these books were recently added to my Goodreads list, so imagine my delight when I found not one, but both of them on a shelf at the library over the weekend.

I’m still finishing up A Feast For Crows, so A Dance with Dragons will have to wait… but I dove right into The Night Circus, and finished it in two days.

I really enjoyed this book! One of my friends described it as a cross between Like Water for Elephants (circus-oriented) and The Prestige (dueling magicians). Toss in a touch of Harry Potter-esque magical intrigue and a bit of forbidden love à la Romeo + Juliet, and you get this fantastic debut novel by Erin Morgenstern.

Highly recommended.

6. It’s more of a concept than a recipe, but check out my post for The Gobbler today on The Back Burner!

Thanksgiving leftovers piled high between two slices of hearty bread… a.k.a. my favorite sandwich of all time.

7. I’ll be back tomorrow with an easy but scrumptious last minute Thanksgiving side dish, and then we’re off to my parent’s place in PA for the remainder of the week… which will be capped off with my 10 year high school reunion – yikes!

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