Monday Musings + Peanut Butter Cup Panini Bites

1. On Saturday night, Boston bloggers united when John and I met up with some of my friends + their significant others for dinner: Elina, Kerstin, and I (with our respective men in tow) headed out to see Shannon‘s new place and to partake in a lovely potluck meal.

There was a lot to celebrate (Shannon & Mike’s new place, Kerstin & Apolinaras’ absolutely adorable baby girl, and parents-to-be Elina & Adam and me & John) and delicious food to be eaten! I baked a pan of Pumpkin Cornbread¬†accompanied by a homemade whipped honey butter (simply softened unsalted butter + honey to taste + Kosher salt to taste), Elina put together a tasty autumnal salad, Shannon made delicious enchiladas topped with her awesome Apple BBQ Sauce, and Kerstin whipped up some decadent tres leches cupcakes.

Good food + great company = a fun night!




2.We’re fully prepared for Halloween in that I bought a ton of candy… I’m just hoping we get trick-or-treaters.¬†This being our first year in our new house, we really don’t know how many kiddos to expect.

I wish I could say I have a funny costume planned, but alas I will be doling out candy simply as… a pregnant lady ;).




3. Speaking of candy, we were challenged to come up with recipes incorporating candy for this week’s Back Burner posts.

It wasn’t too difficult to decide on using Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, as they are – in my opinion – the ultimate Halloween candy, and eventually Peanut Butter Cup Panini Bites were born.

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