Monday Musings + Lemon Summer Pasta Salad (revisited)

1. Have you tried these?

If you haven’t, then get in your car rightthissecond and drive to Whole Foods to pick up a package (or three) because they are ah-mazing!

Maybe it’s been way too long since I last had a traditional mozzarella stick, but this baked version tastes just like I remember the fried version. Definitely worth burning your fingers and mouth repeatedly as you shove the lightly breaded gooey cheese sticks into your face.



2. Am I the only one who’s excited for this movie?

What can I say, I’m a sucker for fantasies… and I’m intrigued by the dark nature of this film.

Kristen Stewart might not have been my first casting choice for Snow White, but outside of the Twilight series she’s actually a pretty good actress (she was fantastic as Joan Jett in The Runaways).



3. While on the topic of entertainment, I just finished the first season of Mad Men on Apple TV (I needed another show to fill the void that Friday Night Lights left) and I’m officially hooked.

Although (SPOILER ALERT) I do not understand how Peggy didn’t realize she was pregnant. I mean, really?! I know sex ed was different back in the 60s, but c’mon on.



4. John surprised me with this gorgeous Tumi tote bag for our anniversary!

Tumi tote bag

Orange is not a color I typically choose for myself, but I happen to LOVE this bag! It’s big enough for an overnight trip, but small enough to fit under the seat on an airplane (even when stuffed full). There are a ton of pockets for organization, and the nylon exterior will be easy to keep clean. It actually reminds me of my beloved Longchamps bag – both in style and quality.

Thank you John =).

5. On The Back Burner today I’m revisiting my Lemon Summer Pasta Salad from last year.

Whole wheat macaroni, zucchini, summer squash, corn, and grape tomatoes are tossed in a light & tangy yogurt-lemon dressing for a healthy take on the classic barbeque accompaniment.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day!



6 thoughts on “Monday Musings + Lemon Summer Pasta Salad (revisited)

  1. Okay, I’m officially in love with that bag! What a good hubby. Hope you had a great weekend and I’m so sorry we missed each other again in Boston but hopefully we can catch up when I come back in August. Take care hun!

  2. What a cute new bag! And yum, those mozzarella sticks look addicting – I can’t remember the last time I had them either!

  3. I’ve just watch the movie yesterday and I’m really not that impressed but the movie was ok. The scene that I liked there was the scene on the fairyland. The place is a paradise, very beautiful.

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