Monday Musings + Individual Sweet Potato Casseroles

1. John’s folks threw us our second baby shower this past weekend! I feel so lucky to have spent two weekends in a row with family and friends… all of whom were incredibly generous with baby gifts. I’m finally feeling prepared for our baby girl to come =).



2. Speaking of babies, this video is awesome. We need to start training Shelby to howl!



3. How is it already the week of Thanksgiving?! Time is moving at a crazy fast pace, but I absolutely love this time of year. I hope you have a wonderful holiday with loved ones.



4. While on the topic of Thanksgiving, here’s my side dish contribution to this week’s The Back Burner posts.

If I were hosting Thanksgiving this year, I would definitely serve these Individual Sweet Potato Casseroles!

4 thoughts on “Monday Musings + Individual Sweet Potato Casseroles

  1. I hope you a had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that individual sweet potato casserole looks great. Can you post the recipe? The link doesn’t seem to work. Any other serving suggestions for this?

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