Monday Musings + Individual Breakfast Pizzas (revisited)

1. This weekend was all about fall activities, including making homemade pumpkin puree, baking, and taking a brisk hike through the woods with Shelby.

The trees are still mostly green around here, but in the next coming weeks the foliage will start to turn the vibrant colors of autumn. Despite now having a yard to rake, I can’t wait ;).



2. I really wanted pumpkin pancakes the other morning, but instead of making 4 individual ‘cakes I made one huuuuuge pancake.

I now know that the batter for any of my pancakes-for-one recipes perfectly fits into a 10-inch skillet as one large ‘cake!

Flipping turned out to be a bit of a challenge, but it was nothing two spatulas couldn’t handle.

I don’t need to tell you how delicious – and fun to eat – this was, right?



3. Why did I ever stop making kale chips?

I bought two huge bunches of organic red kale at Whole Foods, and I’m pretty certain most of it is destined for the oven.

This batch of chips was enjoyed alongside an egg sandwich for lunch on Saturday.




4. I’m revisiting my Individual Breakfast Pizzas for today’s Back Burner post.

Definitely a favorite of mine and John’s… though we eat ’em for dinner and not breakfast. I actually just made them last week for “Pizza Friday”, but I had to make sure the yolk on mine was fully cooked. One of the foods I miss the most from my non-pregnant days is a runny egg yolk!

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  1. I love your giant pancake! I love making pancakes in the morning, but I kind of hate having to wait until I’ve made the whole stack to eat–definitely trying this soon!

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