Monday Musings + Grilled Corn Salad

1. Over the weekend I got a fantastic haircut at a salon near our new house that cost me… $30. No joke. The same quality haircut would have easily cost $60 in the town we just moved from (Wellesley) and $90 in Boston.




2. I realize that not everyone is going to think this as cool as I do, but check out this lighting-struck tree I found while hiking in Rocky Woods.

The lighting strip snaked all the way down the length of the tree, but it’s still alive (I think)… pretty neat.



3. Last night my belated birthday present was put to good use.

Yep, John bought tickets to see Roger Waters perform The Wall album at Fenway Park, and it was AH-MAZING! I tried to capture the impressive stage set-up via iPhone, (and even attempted to record my favorite song from the album – Comfortably Numb), but neither came close to the experience of being there in person. We had awesome seats facing the stage, and the whole show was like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

If you’re a Pink Floyd fan, and Roger Waters is coming to your town, I can tell you firsthand that the steep ticket prices are definitely worth it!



4. I grilled up a delicious corn salad for today’s Back Burner post. Grilling certainly isn’t just for the meaty main course, so hop on over to check out my Grilled Corn Salad!


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