Monday Musings + Edible Arrangements Giveaway + Pasta with Beans, Roasted Cauliflower, & Toasted Garlic Breadcrumbs

1. I absolutely fell in love with 15 year old Birdy’s rendition of Bon Iver’s Skinny Love on Ellen, immediately downloaded it, and proceeded to listen to it on repeat for about a half hour straight.


2. I just finished the 4th season of Friday Night Lights on Netflix streaming. I really wish this show had garnered the attention it deserved – SO GOOD! It’s such a shame it only lasted 5 seasons. I’m planning on dragging out the last season as long as possible.

If you need additional incentive to watch this awesome series… two words: Taylor Kitsch.


3. I haven’t always watched American Idol, but I tuned in last season and got sucked back in this year.

My favorite contestant by a landslide is Colton Dixon; I tend to go for the rockers, and this guy reminds me a lot of Jared Leto, the lead singer of Thirty Seconds to Mars (one of my favorite bands). There is some controversy surrounding certain religious remarks he’s made, (and I’d like to feed him a nice big meal – dude’s suuuuper skinny),  but when it comes down to pure musical talent, I definitely think he’s the best of the bunch.


4. Just in case you were starting to wonder, I do in fact do things other than listen to music and watch T.V.

I happen to be a voracious reader, and am currently halfway through Fall of Giants by Ken Follett. For a history fan such as myself, this immaculately researched and well-written book is a great read!


5. Check out The Back Burner today for my Pasta with White Beans, Roasted Cauliflower, & Toasted Garlic Breadcrumbs recipe.

Chewy al dente whole wheat pasta, creamy white beans, crisp roasted cauliflower, and crunchy garlicky homemade breadcrumbs come together in this budget-friendly dish.



If you live in Massachusetts, chances are you’re familiar with Edible Arrangements, a Waltham-based purveyor of delicious, high quality, artistically designed fresh fruit arrangements that make perfect healthy gifts for any occasion.

Edible Arrangements has partnered with Greater New England Chapter of the National MS Society in a monthlong campaign to raise funds and awareness to end multiple sclerosis.

For the duration of March, coinciding with the National MS Society’s MS Awareness Month, Edible Arrangements stores throughout Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire will donate a portion of their profits from every purchased Orange Blossom arrangement to the National MS Society.

Here’s where the giveaway comes in!

If you live in Massachusetts or Southern New Hampshire, (or want to send the arrangement to someone who lives in this vicinity), you’re eligible to enter to win an Orange Blossom arrangement:

“A modern fruit bouquet bursting with color and citrus flavor, featuring orange slices and wedges, strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe and honeydew.”

To enter: leave a comment on this post before Friday, March 30 telling me what your favorite fruit is. The arrangement is only able to be delivered to addresses in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. I will randomly choose a winner on Friday.

Good luck!




30 thoughts on “Monday Musings + Edible Arrangements Giveaway + Pasta with Beans, Roasted Cauliflower, & Toasted Garlic Breadcrumbs

  1. I feel the same way about FNL! We watched the entire series when it was actually on tv and no one else seemed to get into to. Two words…Tim Riggins! LoL

    Oh my, my favorite fruit. That’s a hard one to limit but I would say mango. Even though I don’t eat it enough….it’s probably my favorite.

  2. obsessed with raspberries. and can we give matt saracen some love, too? he’s such a sweetheart.

  3. I’m watching season 4 of FNL right now! Don’t want it to end… same with Mad Men, which I’m on season 2 of right now.

    Gosh, favorite fruit is hard to pick… right now, though, I’ve been enjoying blueberries!

  4. My favorite fruit is mango. I recently had the best of my life in Haiti and feel I might have now ruined all further mango eating for myself as they were just that good.

  5. Favorite fruit? that’s like picking your favorite… child? :) how about I go with… one that’s picked straight from the vine/flower!

  6. My favorite fruits are blueberries! :) They taste good with almost anything! From sweet treats to my favorite brews!

  7. What if I literally live less then 10 seconds from the border?? lol I’m on the same street as Massachusetts, in Woonsocket RI!! Not fair :( Just in case that’s okay – my favorite fruit is blackberries.

    1. I wish the company could send the arrangement anywhere in the U.S., but they can only ship to a limited area. If you are the randomly chosen winner, I will check to see if they can make a concession for Woonsocket, RI!

  8. I love edible arrangements and live in Southern NH! :) Its so hard to pick a fav. fruit but id have to go with apples. Great giveaway! !

  9. While in Cambodia, we discovered “dragon fruit” – pink rind, white flesh with flecks of black seeds…it is stunningly beautiful. If you close your eyes and eat it, you might think it’s kiwi.

    Love your blog – so many inspirations and great ideas. This morning we made quinoa breakfast parfaits for the troops – they thought is was so fancy and yummy.

    Good day to all!!

  10. As of late, I’ve been crazy for blueberries. Especially frozen ones when it’s warm out – yum!

  11. My favorite fruit is the pineapple. I received an edible arrangement a few years ago when recovering from surgery. It was great, the whole family enjoyed it.

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