Monday Musings + Crab Cake Burgers (revisited)

1. The weather this weekend in Boston was utterly gorgeous! On Saturday night we went out with some friends for a Mexican dinner, mine consisting of the following:

Braised Short Rib Taco (shredded beef, jicama, radish, cilantro, cotija) & Grilled Fish Taco (Mahi-Mahi, dijon cilantro, spring mix, pico).

I had a great night, which was – unfortunately – followed by a crummy day. Sunday was spent curled up on the couch. I hate wasting a beautiful spring day inside, but I did NOT feel good (hopefully not due to the tacos!).




2. Once I felt like eating again, I dove into this exciting new find from Whole Foods:

Nature’s Path Love Crunch CARROT CAKE Granola.

Yes, carrot cake granola. I guess the big-name granola companies finally caught on to the food blogger trend.

This stuff is GOOD. At 130 calories, 4 grams of fat, 8 grams of sugar, and 2 grams each of fiber & protein per 1/4 cup you get huge clusters of oats, pecans, carrot, pineapple, raisins, & cinnamon + little yogurt chips to complete the carrot cake experience.

Now, I know that as a food blogger I’m supposed to say that homemade is waaaay better than store-bought… but in this case, the packaged stuff is pretty damn good!



3. My parents brought me this olive oil from their trip to Italy!

I foresee loaves of crusty bread dipped into bowls of the liquid gold, stacks of caprese salad finished off with a generous drizzle, and simple but heavenly heaps of fresh linguine bathed in parmesan-laden pools of this authentic olive oil.




4. I immediately thought of my Crab Cake Burgers for this week’s “cookout” theme over at The Back Burner.

This is a fantastic way to ring in the impending unofficial start to summer over Memorial Day weekend!

10 thoughts on “Monday Musings + Crab Cake Burgers (revisited)

  1. I have seen that granola everywhere but haven’t tried it yet. It sounds delicious though.

    I am so sad you won’t be around this weekend when I’ll be in town. If by chance you happen to get back early, I will be around all day Monday just waiting for my late flight and have no plans. :)

    Hope you have a great week Lauren!

  2. I love that granola – I went through one bag pretty quickly and got a second one for my birthday. The dried pineapple and yogurt chips are my favourite part…it’s really good in coconut yogurt too!

  3. Mmmmmm those crab cake burgers look so good! Crab cakes are one of my favorite things to eat! Thanks for the great suggestion!

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