Monday Musings

1. I will – unfortunately – no longer be developing recipes for The Back Burner blog. I was notified last week that Key Ingredient is migrating away from employing 3rd party bloggers due to “a repositioning of the company’s focus”.


To add to the disappointment, (and sudden cut in monthly income), as many of you know, DailyBuzz Food officially ended their fixed CPM ad program and contracts for Featured Publishers on Friday. I’m currently on the wait list for a contract with Blogher, and hope that my blog is accepted in the next few months.

It’s too bad that our income will be cut short right before our baby girl arrives, but in the interest of finding a silver lining I realized that I will have zero commitments and no deadlines during those first few months of infanthood… which can be seen as a good thing!



2. Ok, I’m done complaining! I just needed to vent there for a bit.



3. It was a Christmas-themed weekend for us, starting off with a snowy Saturday during which I turned on my favorite instrumental holiday album and baked a batch of soft Pumpkin Gingersnap Cookies for a party we attended later that night.

We also picked out a Christmas tree (in a record 3 minutes) and decorated it (in a record 10 minutes) while enjoying the warmth and comfort of a crackling fire.

Shelby had a tough day of doing… nothing, and passed on on the couch per usual ;).



4. Tomorrow I will officially be “full-term” at 37 weeks pregnant!


Our baby girl still has 3 weeks to “bake” until she’s due, but from here on out she will no longer be considered premature when she’s born.

I’m just about done packing our hospital bags, and the nursery needs just a few finishing touches. I’m working on preparing a bunch of freezer meals for the first couple of weeks; though my mom will be staying with us for a little while so I’m sure we will be well-fed.

We’re SO excited!


8 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. You’re almost done! That is so exciting :D I hope everything has gone well for you so far! All the best!
    I’m sorry to hear about Foodbuzz, I didn’t know anything was happening with them. You could check out glam too, I love working with them(they do and too, they aren’t just a fashion network).

  2. my foodbuzz just ended as well and i haven’t been posting enough lately to apply for blogher yet… eugh. thinking about foodie blogroll, but there’s too much else going on to worry about it! love those pumpkin gingersnap cookies, and that picture of shelby with your tree!

  3. Sorry to hear about these bummers, Lauren. It’s nice that you’re looking on the bright side, but I feel you on the disappointment! I was with Foodbuzz too and really liked it. Hope we can all find another good ad network asap. In the meantime, enjoy this time “off” – the last few weeks of pregnancy and first few months of your baby’s life are such an adventure :)

  4. I’m sorry. That officially sucks! Congratulations on being full term and your soon-to-be little bundle of joy. I hope the disappointments make way for some awesome new opportunities…

  5. Those are some bummers. :( But at least there’s BlogHer! I’ve had a good experience with them so far.

    And congratulations on being full term! I don’t know if people normally say congratulations for that but it seems like something to celebrate.

    And aww… doggie!

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