Monday Musings

1. It’s Labor Day.

Also known as the unofficial end of summer; a bittersweet time of year for me. On the one hand, it’s tough to give up summer produce, daylight well into the evening hours, lazy days, BBQs with friends, and family vacations. On the other hand, autumn is my absolute favorite time of year, and thoughts of vibrant New England fall foliage, apple picking, hot apple cider + cider doughnuts, cozy sweaters, pumpkin oatmeal, Halloween, sweet potato desserts, and crisp dry air leave me feeling giddy.

This year it is an especially bittersweet time because for the first time since I was in kindergarten, I won’t be going “back to school”. I went from school –> college –> grad school –> working in schools for 4 years without any breaks. I decided not to return to my job as a special educator this year, and will instead be focusing my time and energy on recipe development, blogging, and more freelance opportunities. I’m nannying on the side for some extra income, as the blog doesn’t quite pay all of the bills yet. I’m pretty psyched to be able to devote more time to what I’m truly passionate about!

2. I found this ice cream at Trader Joe’s.

One word: dangerous! I’m going to try my best to stretch out this decadent ice cream… but I’m not making any promises.

3. Who remembers these?!?!

I found this photo on Pinterest and was instantly transported back to my pre-braces, not-yet-kissing-boys years. Regardless, I was slightly obsessed with these flavored lip glosses. Total flash from the past!

4. While on the topic of the past, every now and then I flip through a photo album I compiled while in college. Here are a couple of photos that are blog-appropriate:

Despite what it looks like, I did not go to college in 1985. This picture was actually taken before my sorority’s 80s party in either late 2004 or early 2005 during my senior year. My girlfriends and I ransacked a thrift store and struck gold with these frocks. Side ponytails and frosted lipstick (Kissing Koolers would have been perfect) completed the look ;).

And this one was from Halloween of ’04. I threw together a Super Girl costume for another one of my sorority’s parties… complete with a homemade S badge, red tights, a cape, and a mask. I remember this being a fantastic night!

Clearly, I spent the majority of my college years dressing up for theme parties.

I miss college.

5. I finally made it to the Pinkberry that opened in Wellesley a few months ago!

This is a small coconut frozen yogurt with fresh mango and pineapple chunks… and it set me back ~ $5.30. Although this was a tasty mid-afternoon treat, I don’t think I’ll be frequenting this place. I prefer the privately owned Truly’s Yogurt down the street for more reasonably priced soft serve.

6. Although I’d love to buy these riding boots, these New Balance sneaks – at only $34.99 @ T.J. Maxx – were a) MUCH more affordable and b) will be much more comfortable to wear while chasing around the 16 month old girl I nanny.

7. I’ve been stuffing my face with as many organic cherries as possible. One of the things I’ll miss most about summer!

8. I’ve got a bunch of summer recipes comin’ your way this week because I’m not quite ready to switch gears. We technically have until Sept. 23, and I don’t intend to prematurely inundate you with fall recipes. BUT… when the time comes, you better prepare yourselves ;).

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