Monday Musings

1. I apologize for my absence. We traveled to my in-laws for Christmas, then we celebrated Lily’s first birthday, followed by a trip down to D.C. Needless to say, things have been super busy here for the last couple of weeks!

Here’s Lily’s birthday breakfast; a pancake that is supposed to be a #1, but looks more like a “z”. Clearly, I need to work on my pancake penmanship.


I made Heidi’s carrot cake (minus the walnuts); about 1/4 of the recipe was used to make the 4 inch layer “smash” cake, and the rest was used to make cupcakes. Lily ate the raisins first, then went to work on the frosting, and she finally found the cake hiding beneath.


I contemplated devoting an entire post to her birthday (lots of fun) and the emotions I’m feeling about my baby turning 1 (there are many); but since this is a food blog, I decided to highlight only the food-related aspects of her birthday. I will say this, though: this year has brought us more joy than I thought possible, and our love for this little girl grows by the day :).


2. I received a case of C2O coconut water, and after leisurely sipping my way through the first can I decided to save the rest for when I resume my high intensity workout regimen. I’m planning on either joining a gym or buying a jogging stroller… maybe both?

Coconut water is my go-to workout recovery beverage, and it’s nice to know that our fridge is stocked with a bunch of these tall cans!

coconut water



3. I also recently had the opportunity to try Oatworks oatmeal smoothies. The three flavors are all tasty, the ingredients are wholesome and healthy, and their portability is super convenient. What’s not to love?!



4. I love hearing from my readers, and I’m always looking for recipe inspiration, so are there any recipes that you’d like me to try my hand at for the blog? Maybe a traditionally indulgent recipe that you’d like a lighter version of?