Monday Musings

1. Monday Musings posts (okay, blogging in general) has taken a back seat to enjoying my rapidly developing, teething, rolling, giggling, happy, growing-too-fast, almost crawling, pet fur-grabbing, food-interested, very curious, and super sweet 6 month old daughter. 6 months?! When did that happen?!

I’m bringing back the hodgepodge posts, but in all honesty I probably won’t be posting every Monday. Hey, that way I can horde even more random things to tell you about in each post ;).



2. Chobani is one of the most food blogger-friendly companies I’ve had the pleasure of being in cohorts with. I haven’t kept track of how many tubs of yogurt they’ve sent me over the years, but it’s easily in the dozens.

Most recently I was surprised to find a box of unmarked yogurt cups sitting on our doorstep. Chobani is coming out with a whole slew of new flavors, and I was lucky enough to be amongst the first consumers to try them! So far I’ve loved the new offerings that I’ve tried.

chobani cups

They also have a pretty fun sense of humor:




3. I know I will never be the type of mom who can pull off this kind of party for her kids, but man do I have fun reading about Annie’s ah-mazing party planning skills! Just look at those beautiful decorations, delicious food, gorgeous homemade cake, and fun activities! Seriously, this woman is awesome. Annie, I would totally hire you to plan Lily’s first birthday party next December!



4. I have an idea for a new post series I’m going to call Throwback Thursdays. Every now and then – on a Thursday, obviously – I’ll revisit a recipe I posted during my early years of blogging. The purpose is threefold: 1. I am forgetful about things I’ve made in the past that we’ve enjoyed, and this way I can remind myself; 2. my photography skills were pretty nonexistent when I started this blog, and since photos really sell a recipe, I’m looking forward to updating my early ones; 3. some of my early recipes could also probably use a bit of tweaking, and I’ll have fun changing them up a bit.

I hope this idea doesn’t sound like a cop-out!



5. I’ve been binge-watching Nashville on Hulu Plus on my iPhone while Lily naps; by that I mean I’m watching one episode per day, which is so much more fun than waiting a week between episodes during the actual airing season. I’m surprised by how much I like this show, because country music is so not my thing… which leads me to #6.



6. I went to high school with the bass player of Florida Georgia Line, so when Cruise became a huge hit, I couldn’t help but listen to it over and over… and over again.

Now I love it. Go figure.






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