Monday Musings

1. Despite the expected challenges, I LOVE being a mom and I find myself becoming more and more enamored with Lily every day. So much of being first-time parents is figuring things out for ourselves along the way, and – for the most part – it has been a joy thus far. I actually don’t much mind the multiple-times-a-night feedings because snuggling up with our little tater tot has become one of my favorite activities :).

Something I am still getting accustomed to is how to now feed myself and John. It’s no longer possible to plan on meals being served at a given time, as Lily tends to wake up either as I’m cooking or right as we’re about to sit down to eat. John has brought me meals on the couch while I breastfed many times over these past two weeks! I’m glad I had to foresight to make a bunch of freezer meals before Lily was born, and we’ve managed to maintain our healthy diet… such as this dinner of roast chicken, sauteed green beans, and roasted potatoes we enjoyed (on the couch, while breastfeeding) on Saturday night:




2. Sunday night TV is worth watching for the first time since the season finales of Dexter and Homeland!

Shameless, House of Lies, and Girls are all shows I’ve come to follow and enjoy… though I typically watch them via On Demand in the days following their original air date.

While on the topic of Girls, if you’re a fan – heck, even if you’re not – you’ll get a kick out of this.



3. John’s big Christmas present for me was a gorgeous set of David Yurman bracelets featuring Lily’s birthstone, (yep, he’s a keeper!), but he also gifted me with some potted herb seeds:


So far the cilantro is taking the lead, though it doesn’t look like the cilantro I’m familiar with quite yet. It’s going to be so nice to have freshly picked herbs in the dead of a New England winter!

4. I very rarely buy novels, much preferring to take them out of the library for free. I was on the wait list for this book for months but the wait was SO worth it! I’m halfway through, and completely hooked. Best book I’ve read in a while! No spoilers, please ;).


3 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. The cilantro will soon look like normal cilantro. Those leaves aren’t true leaves, they’re called cotyledons. They were actually in the seed and get the plant going. Once true leaves start to grow, the cotyledons will die off. This happens with all seedlings!

  2. I just saw that you had your baby…congratulations, Lauren! Welcome, Lily! Look forward to hearing more about her on the blog. Enjoy this special newborn time, it really does fly as they say :)

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