Monday Musings

1. While out finishing up our holiday shopping on Saturday, (exhausting work!), John and I stopped off for an impromptu lunch at Chipotle for what was my first-ever meal at the popular Mexican joint.

If you’re wondering how I made it this long without eating at Chipotle, the answer is simple: I hardly ever eat lunch out, and when I do it’s never at a “fast food” type of place.

However, my hunger won out and I actually ended up pretty impressed with my order:

A vegetarian salad with cilantro lime rice, black beans, shredded cheese, salsa, and a big ole’ scoop of guacamole. The romaine lettuce was crisp, the rice well-seasoned, and the salsa & guac fresh. It was a salty lunch, but satisfying and pretty darn tasty! I’ll have to try a burrito or taco next time ;).



2. The following morning – Sunday – we finally got around to trying a breakfast place that opened in our town right around the time that we moved in.

John and I usually go out for dinner one time a week, and since we didn’t do so this weekend we figured lunch + breakfast = dinner (probably both in cost and calories!).

I ordered an english muffin breakfast sandwich with sausage & cheddar + decaf and we shared a plate of home fries. Overall the brunch was delicious! We’ll definitely be frequenting this place, as it’s less than a mile from our house and seems baby-friendly :).



3. I had plans to attend my friend Shannon‘s annual cookie swap on Sunday afternoon, but some mild (irregular) contractions + a “wintery mix” forecast for our area convinced me to stay at home.

Although I did miss catching up with friends and gorging myself on holiday treats, I managed to have a nice time baking a batch of molasses gingerbread cookies while listening to holiday music and sipping on a small mug of soy ‘nog.



4. On Tuesday I will be 39 weeks!!! Unbelievable.

Here’s a shot of me from 38 1/2:

I’ve been feeling pretty good overall, though getting a bit impatient to meet our baby girl. I’m waking up multiple times (in the 3-5 range) every night, and a few nagging body aches have settled in, but I’m still taking Shelby for daily 45 minute walks (undoubtedly one of the reasons I’ve managed to put on only 20 or so lbs during this pregnancy!).

Every time I feel a twinge I wonder if it’s the beginning of labor, and am trying to keep on top of things like laundry, dishes, etc. so we can just drop everything when it’s time! John is off from work starting on Thursday all the way through the first week of the new year; hopefully she comes sooner rather than later so he can spend some quality time bonding before heading back to work.

Any day now!

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  1. If you’re ever in California or near a Free Birds, you should definitely check it out. It’s a burrito place, but I love it a lot more than Chipotle. The rice is always cooked better, and they have grass-fed beef as an option. Actually, free birds just has a lot more options in general than chipotle, including whole wheat tortillas. Google it!

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