Just Add Cooking Review

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Just Add Cooking is a Boston-based meal kit delivery service that provides you with all of the ingredients you need to make a healthy meal in about 30 minutes. You pick the meal plan you’d like, and a box containing the recipes and all of the pre-measured ingredients is delivered to your front door.

The complete meals feature fresh ingredients (local & organic when possible) and yield generous portions. The canned goods I received were either low-sodium or no-salt-added, and the produce was perfectly ripe. The box even includes a recommendation for the cooking order of the meals to ensure optimal freshness and ripeness.

Each recipe is written as a timeline so you know when to prepare and cook each component of the meal. I did notice a few somewhat vague cooking instructions, such as frying veggie burgers in a skillet without a suggested amount of cooking time, and adding cilantro to cod without chopping first. Most well-versed home cooks will be able to bypass these small oversights, though.

So without further ado, here are the meals I chose!


Black Bean Burgers: Both John and I liked these burgers so much, I kept the recipe for future use. Smoky cumin and spicy red pepper flakes livened up the earthy black beans while cilantro added some herbal freshness. The accompanying accoutrements (lettuce, tomato, red onion, & avocado) were precisely what I would have chosen to adorn the burgers with. The recipe yields two generous servings, but you could actually stretch the ingredients to make three good-sized burgers. I’m looking forward to making these again very soon!


Pork Loin Africana: John and I typically like the same kinds of food, but one of the few areas our tastes diverge is fruit in main courses. He’s not a big fan, but I love it! This delicious sweet/savory meal featured rice scented with cardamom & cinnamon and curried pork loin with fried plantains, shredded apple, and fresh juicy pineapple. I really enjoyed this meal, and it yielded enough for three meals (leftovers were great!).


Mexican Cod: This filling meal came together super quickly. I was a bit dubious about combining fish & mashed potatoes, but the combo was actually quite good. I omitted the olives because they are one of the few foods that I cannot bring myself to eat; but the dish was flavorful enough without them.

{All images courtesy of Just Add Cooking.}

The 2 person 3 meal box I received is valued at $79. There are also options for 4 person boxes and 4 or 5 meals.

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