Easy Caramel Apple Stacks


The ever-generous owner of Santa Barbara Chocolate Company sent me yet another package of sweet treats, this time from their sister company VanZeek.


One of the items was a huge chunk of golden-hued caramel that I could NOT wait to sink my teeth into. At first I was envisioning crisp apples enrobed with the sticky caramel for a traditional Autumn treat, but when I contacted the owner about how to go about the melting process he unintentionally (I think!) gave me an even better idea: forgo the melting and just enjoy slices of the caramel as is along with apples. Thank you for the idea, Justin!


In order to make the caramel apple stacks more fun and photogenic, I decided to cut out shapes using cookie cutters. Yes, apple, leaf, or even pumpkin cookie cutters would be more apropos given the season, but it was either a snowman, Christmas tree, or a star… so the star it was!

I opted for the caramel & apple pieces to be the same thickness, but you could certainly play around with the ratio.

Oh man, are these simple little stacks scrumptious! The caramel is sweet, but it has a deeper flavor profile than others I’ve tried that just taste like sugar. You definitely want to use a high-quality caramel for these stacks as it is obviously the predominant ingredient.


Wouldn’t these stacks be a great offering at a kid’s fall birthday party (or any autumnal party)?! I love that they allow you to enjoy the classic caramel + apple flavor combination without having to spend time melting the caramel, meticulously dipping the apples, and allowing them time to dry/harden. Super easy, fast, and – most importantly – delicious!




Easy Caramel Apple Stacks

by Lauren Zembron

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 0 minutes

Keywords: dessert fall

Ingredients (varies)

  • “loaf”-style caramel, such as Peter’s Butter Caramel from VanZeek
  • apples, preferably organic (I suggest using Granny Smith – or other tart – apples to offset the sweetness from the caramel)


Place desired amount of caramel in between two pieces of parchment paper and heat in microwave for 20 seconds, or until caramel is soft and pliable.

Lay softened parchment-wrapped caramel on a cutting board and roll out to desired thickness using a rolling pin.

Cut out desired shapes using cookies cutters. To easily remove the cut-out caramel from inside the cookie cutter, place the cookie cutter – with the caramel still inside it – into the freezer for 1 minute; pop the caramel out of the cookie cutter.

Stand an apple up on its base and cut alongside the core to remove a “cheek” from the apple. Cut the rounded end off so that you have a slab of apple. Cut out desired shape using the cookie cutter.

Repeat with as many caramel and apple pieces as you desire.

Stack caramel on top of apples.

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  1. Thanks for this great idea Lauren. It’s very creative and unique. Perfect addition for our fall/winter parties. I would prefer the caramel layer to be thinner and possibly add a third topping. Chocolate or cinnamon?

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