*Update* I spoke with another Bluehost representative, and he was able to recover the majority of the comments! For some reason, the last 3 months of posts are still bereft of comments… but it’s better than it was before! All I have to do is manually delete all of the spam. 


From here on out, you should be able to leave comments on posts without a problem!


Hi friends,

Just a little check-in between recipe posts.

You may have noticed that all of comments on the blog have vanished. I am aware of – though not at all happy about – this.

Here’s what happened:

I received an email from Bluehost this morning alerting me that my “account was deactivated due to a violation of service terms”. My first reaction was panic – what did that mean for my blog content? A quick look confirmed my fear: I could not access the blog.

I called Bluehost and was told that the number of comments (mostly spam) exceeded the maximum allowed, as stated in the terms of service. The only way to reactivate the blog was to erase the comments in order to free up some memory space.

Apparently they couldn’t just eradicate the spam comments.

Thus, ALL of the comments on my blog were erased. Bad news.

Good news? All of the content (as far as I’ve checked) has been recovered and the blog is once again up and running.

I’ve heard of snafus such as this from other bloggers, but this is the first time I’ve had to deal with such a disheartening situation.

I apologize for losing your comments – the interaction aspect of the blog that I so look forward to with every post. I read every single comment and LOVE reading what you all have to say – and ask – about my recipes. I’m a bit heartbroken right now, but there’s nothing to do but forge ahead.

Look for a new recipe post tomorrow morning!


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