Individual Strawberry Crisps {sweetened with dates & apple juice}


As promised, here’s the recipe I mentioned in the date syrup post.

Not one speck of sugar made its way into these delectable fruit crisps; the strawberry filling is sweetened with apple juice and the crisp topping with date syrup.

It helps to start with summer ripe strawberries, which are incredibly sweet on their own, but combining them . . . → Read More: Individual Strawberry Crisps {sweetened with dates & apple juice}

Date Syrup


I’ve been enjoying Medjool dates for years; plain, stuffed with peanut butter, cooked into oatmeal, baked into granola bars, stirred into yogurt… you name it. One application I just discovered is pureeing them with water into a syrup as a healthier alternative to liquid sweeteners.

Dates boast a whole slew of vitamins and minerals, as well as . . . → Read More: Date Syrup