Caramel S’mores Kettle Corn

On any given Sunday afternoon from September through December, you can find John – and countless other men – planted in front of the T.V. watching a football game.

Although I don’t often make typical football-watching-fare (with the exception of chili, which is a cold-weather staple for us) I whipped up some homemade chile con queso for him us to eat during the Giants game the other weekend.

I also tossed together some of my homemade blue cheese dressing to go alongside John’s store-bought buffalo wings.

Yep, I’m a good wife… but don’t you for a second think that I forgot to make something especially for myself as well ;).

This desserty snack (or snacky dessert) came together in just a few minutes.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Break open a bag of kettle corn (the Popcorn Indiana brand is fantastic – not too much sugar) and spread the sweet/salty popcorn in an even layer on a parchment-lined baking sheet.

2. Mix in some all-natural mini marshmallows and graham cereal.

3. Drizzle on some sticky caramel sauce.

4. Drizzle (or, if you’re like me, attempt to drizzle but end up dolloping) on some melted chocolate, and stick the whole shebang in the fridge to chill for a half hour.

Once the chocolate hardens, break up the mixture and serve it either in individual cups or as is on the baking sheet if feeding a casual crowd.

Although some guys might go for this, I can pretty much guarantee that it will be mainly the ladies who flock to this crunchy, gooey, sweet, salty, and chocolatey snack.

Yeah, it covers pretty much all of the bases.

Not planning on hosting or attending any football-watching get-togethers any time soon?

No problem.

Just because I used that excuse doesn’t mean that you need it make this mess of deliciousness.

Make it for your neighbor. Make it for your kids. Make it for your co-workers… or your boss.

Make it for yourself.

Caramel S’mores Kettle Corn

Printer-Friendly Recipe

adapted from S’mores Caramel Popcorn by Your Homebased Mom, as seen on Thirty Handmade Days

yield: about six (1 cup) servings



  1. Lay kettle corn out on a parchment paper-lined sheet pan/rimmed cookie sheet in an even layer.
  2. Top with an even scattering of mini marshmallows and graham cereal. Mix with your hands.
  3. Place a heat-proof bowl over a saucepan with 1 inch of simmering water. Add the chocolate chips into the bowl and stir until melted and smooth.
  4. Drizzle warm caramel and melted chocolate evenly over the kettle corn, marshmallows, and graham cereal.
  5. Place sheet pan in the fridge and chill until the caramel and chocolate harden, about 30 minutes.
  6. Break apart and serve.
  7. Store in an airtight container in the fridge.

Nutritional Information Per Serving (1 cup):

126.4 calories, 3.8 grams fat, 0.7 grams saturated fat, 1.1 grams fiber, 10.4 grams sugar, 1.1 grams protein

Here’s to football season fun, girly snacks!

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