Please keep our wonderful city of Boston in your thoughts and prayers as we recover from the travesty that occurred yesterday during the marathon.



13 thoughts on “Boston

  1. What happened in Boston came to me as a complete shock and I felt terrible with this tragedy. Why do people do these things to hurt and kill others? I feel sad for the ones who died and lost their loved ones. May God give them the strength to carry on with their lives. I hope that the ones who did this crime will get caught and justice be served to what they did. I pray that nothing like this will ever happen again because it is so depressing and it makes me feel scared walking around knowing that we are less secure no matter which part of the world we’re living in.
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  2. I can’t believe this is happening to a big sporting event like Boston. How can’t people can be so cruel and kill innocent people? I mean this is a senseless killing a. A kid of foru years old. He is just beginning to step into this world and now he is dead.

    He didin’t haven a chance to live through life and see how beautiful and wonderful this world can be.

    i hope and pray that god will punish the people behind this. I am surfing, watching and reading every minute of my life to see this unmask evils behind bar for rest of their lifes.

    I pray that god bless the families and friends of the lost lifes be strong and keep believing life is full of wonderful memories and friends.

    I’m crying and sad that I can’t do anything else more other than prayers and thought s to anyone who are suffering at these moments.

  3. Boston is an amazing city! It has been a week since this tragedy and it is amazing to see the people come together and help one another. The horror of this event is terrible; but seeing the strong characters and individuals helping each other out, and caring for each other is inspirational! My prayers go out to Boston, and everyone affected. Stay Strong Boston!

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