Blog Bites XI

Here we go: the latest installment of recipes around the blogosphere that I’ve recently made and loved!

This Maple Pecan Streusel Pumpkin Bread (as seen on Princess in the Kitchen, originally from Believing Boldly) immediately caught my attention on Pinterest.

The reason you don’t see an entire loaf documented in this post? Simple. I mowed through half of the loaf before managing to snap a few pics.

I used whole wheat pastry flour and reduced the sugar from 3/4 cup to 1/4 cup; with the additional sweetness from pure maple syrup, 1/4 cup of sugar was perfectly sweet enough for me.

With so many pumpkin bread recipes out there, it can be tough to settle on just one loaf to bake… but I promise that if you choose this one, you won’t be disappointed! The pecan streusel really sets it apart from others.


These Pizza Bites from Annie’s Eats (also seen on Chaos in the Kitchen) had been on my list of foods-to-make for far too long. I finally remedied that issue and both John and I were happy campers huddled over this dish of two-bite pizzas.

I used whole wheat pizza dough (from the freezer section at Whole Foods) and part-skim mozzarella, but other than those two substitutions I followed the recipe exactly.

The only thing I will change the next time I make these is to make the dough balls smaller. I divided a one pound ball of pizza dough into 20 pieces, and there ended up being too much dough (in relation to cheese & pepperoni) for each bite. I think I’ll aim for more like 26 pizza bites.

Perfect for bringing to a football-watching party!


Here we have a genius no-cook recipe for White Chocolate Pumpkin Fudge from my fellow white chocolate & pumpkin-loving friend Erin from Texanerin Baking.

The fudge is super easy to make (no candy thermometer required!) and tastes absolutely fabulous! For precise measuring, I do recommend using a kitchen scale… but Erin includes both weight and volume measurements so if you don’t have a scale, not to worry.

I only deviated a tiny bit from the original recipe, using Trader Joe’s organic virgin [unrefined] coconut oil (what I had on hand) instead of refined, but I found that the sweet white chocolate and warm pumpkin pie spices covered any coconut flavor.

My half batch came out super creamy and somewhat soft, rendering it a bit tough to cut into squares straight from the fridge. Erin recommends chilling the fudge in the freezer, so I’d suggest doing just that.


Another autumnal recipe I recently made – and loved – was for these fantastic Apple Cider Waffles by Robyn of Add a Pinch.

I haven’t always had success with making waffles at home, but this stack is just about perfect! I used whole wheat pastry flour in place of all-purpose, and the waffles still turned out light & fluffy on the inside and satisfyingly crispy on the outside.

The batter contains neither butter nor oil, so I poured some vegetable oil (maybe 2 tsp or so?) into a small glass and brushed it onto the hot waffle iron; just that bit of oil kept the waffles from sticking and resulted in that perfect crust that makes waffles so irresistible.

If you’re planning on leftovers, I recommend slightly undercooking the waffles so that when you pop ’em in the toaster oven, they don’t burn on the outside. I also suggest letting the cooked waffles cool completely on a wire baking rack before wrapping in plastic wrap so they don’t become soggy.



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  1. oh yum. i made your peanut butter apple crisp and we loved it with greek yogurt as part of our lunches this week! i’m sad it’s gone…

  2. We need to be neighbors.

    1. I can’t wait to make that!

    2. I made pizza bites yesterday! Except I did cheddar and ham. And I had the same exact problem… too much dough.

    3. Thank you. :) Happy you liked the fudge! I wonder if my pumpkin is especially dry or if the white chocolate over here is just different. Because you’re not the first one to say it was pretty soft but mine was firm just in the fridge.

    4. I need a waffle maker. Except I really don’t. But I really want one because those look amazing. :)

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