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Well here we are at the tenth installment of my Blog Bites series! I have been making many recipes from other blogs this summer, (while we’re not traveling, which was the case nearly every week in July), but haven’t been very diligent about documenting all of them.

Here is a small round-up of what I did happen to capture with my camera:

I enjoyed this Triple Berry Kale Salad with Fresh Strawberry Vinaigrette – courtesy of Jessica at How Sweet It Is – on a beautifully sunny day out on our deck.

I used baby kale, which does not need to be massaged into submission like its tough cousin. I think I actually prefer the chewy texture of regular kale, but the tender baby variety works in a pinch.

The combination of fresh summer flavors in this salad was delightful!


Just this past weekend I made Blackened Salmon Tacos with with Corn Salsa from Cooking Classy (I omitted the cilantro lime ranch and just used Greek yogurt to top the tacos after taking the pics).

I have the most difficult time finding taco-sized flour tortillas, so I opted for Middle Eastern flatbreads from Trader Joe’s instead. They’re super thick and doughy, and made for a nice substitute.

The tacos were tasty, though I think I’ll omit the flour next time and just use the spice rub on the salmon.


I’d been meaning to bake a loaf of this Avocado Zucchini Bread with Olive Oil from Cooking on the Weekends‘ Valentina for some time, and the perfect cool summer morning presented itself a couple of weeks ago.

Now don’t be scared… I could taste neither the avocado nor the olive oil in this bread. What these ingredients do add is wonderful moisture from the healthy fats inherent in each.

I subbed in whole wheat pastry for the all-purpose, added in a couple handfuls of chocolate chips for good measure, and poured the entire batch of batter into one 9 x 5 loaf pan (baked for approximately 40-45 minutes); the resulting bread was incredibly delicious!

Sayonara butter and vegetable oil. This is now my go-to zucchini bread recipe.


Aaaaand last but absolutely not least, we have these Chicken Avocado BLT Sandwiches from the always-creative Kerstin of Cake, Batter, and Bowl.

Tender pecan-crusted baked chicken, creamy mashed avocado, crunchy bacon, crisp lettuce, juicy tomato, and soft whole wheat rolls are the makings of a fantastic dinner (or lunch)! John and I both really enjoyed these CABLTs, and I know you will too =).


10 thoughts on “Blog Bites X

  1. I never used strawberries in a salad but this looks very tempting and I will be trying it out this weekend. Looks beautiful hope that it’s delicious too.

  2. The first thing that caught my eye was the kale salad. I just realized I have a bunch of kale to use so I might be making this today for lunch. Have a great weekend hun!

  3. I made the avocado zucchini bread yesterday. My tweaks: whole wheat pastry flour instead of AP, brown sugar instead of white, a little less allspice, and a big handful of toasted walnuts. I also used one big loaf pan instead of two small ones. A warning: it took considerably longer to bake. I did probably 45 minutes then took it out, afraid it would dry out. It was completely uncooked in the middle, and after eating the edges for breakfast this morning, I put it back in the oven and it took at least an hour (having to heat up from room temperature) to finish cooking. So I’d estimate that a 5×9 pan needs probably an hour to bake completely. But it is really good flavor and my husband had no idea it wasn’t “normal.”

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