Blog Bites IX

Here’s a round-up of some recipes from around the web that I’ve recently made and enjoyed!

In this casserole dish is BBQ Cauliflower Mac ‘n Cheese from Chocolate & Carrots.

I used less barbeque sauce than Caroline called for, (just to suit my taste preference), but John drizzled extra on top of his serving; so if you really love barbeque sauce, I say definitely go for the original amount!

I’ve added cauliflower to mac & cheese before, but the barbeque sauce in Caroline’s recipe adds a great flavor kick.



Next up we have this Mango Rice Pudding from Apron and Sneakers.

I subbed in light coconut milk & long-grain brown rice and used half the amount of sugar as the champagne mangos I had on hand were super ripe.

This rice pudding is thick, creamy, and fresh-tasting… perfect for breakfast, dessert, or a snack.



Finally, here’s a Rustic Chocolate Chip Banana Oat Cake with PB Banana Glaze from Oh She Glows.

I de-veganized it so I could use what I had on hand, (organic 1% milk in for vanilla almond milk; 2% Greek yogurt in for the applesauce) and omitted the powdered sugar from the glaze as the banana lent enough sweetness for me.

Dense and packed with chocolate chips, this cake is better suited for dessert… but if you cut out some of the brown sugar and either omit or halve the amount of chocolate chips, the cake totally becomes breakfast-appropriate ;).


Have you made any blogger recipes recently? Please share links in the comments!

14 thoughts on “Blog Bites IX

  1. Hey Lauren, Just found your blog. Love the design by the way! That mango rice pudding looks amazing. Like you, I would reduce the amount of sugar (if I added any at all) depending on how sweet the mangoes are.

  2. I made the rustic oat bread (vegan version) for breakfast & took some of your advice– halved the brn sug, halved the choc chips and doubled the walnuts. I used those little baby bananas ( about 5) that come in huge bunches–they were nearly comletely black!!!–I think they made the cake!! I also omitted the powdered sugar from the glaze but used about a tablespoon of Dakin Farms (the BEST!) maple syrup and oh boy was this a treat!! No guilt included of course! Served it with Republic of Teas organic Double Dark Chocolate Yerba Mate tea….mmmmmmmmm!!! Thanks for the tips!!

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