Greetings from the West Indies!

We are wrapping up our last full day here in Barbados, and have had an amazing trip.

Amongst the delicious (seafood-centric) eats we’ve been enjoying are these Bajan Fish Tacos {breaded mahi-mahi, spicy remoulade, guacamole, fresh cut tomato salsa}

this Freshly Caught Local Swordfish {grilled with honey balsamic glaze, white sweet potato mash, wilted spinach, & sauteed veggies}.

and this Flying Fish Sandwich {fried fillets, tomatoes, ripe plantain and lettuce with tartar sauce in between a homemade whole wheat bun}.

Although it’s been fabulous tasting the flavors of this beautiful island, I’m ready to get back to my own kitchen… not to mention to our pets ;).

New recipes start on Monday! Have a fantastic weekend.

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