An Amendment to My Previous Post

Did my post on chocolate recipes for Valentine’s Day tempt you to remove me from your reader/Twitter listing/email feed/Facebook “like” status? How about those pesky words highlighted in red? If you wanted to scratch them out with a big fat black marker, then this is the post for you.

I know not everyone is smitten with the day dedicated to couples. For all of you single ladies and gents out there, how about making yourself a batch of Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes for One?

No, this is not me highlighting the fact that you only cook for one. This is me pointing out how great it is that you can make yourself a big stack of decadently delicious pancakes for breakfast (or lunch or dinner) and not have a bunch of leftovers staring you in the face.

Still kinda feel like kicking me in the shins for offering up a recipe with “one” in the title? Let me make it up to you.

How about treating yourself to both servings of these Roasted Stuffed Pears?

Follow it up with some Roasted Banana Soft Serve

… or, if you’re in the mood to bake, a few of these Flourless White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies!

So there you have it. A handful of easy-to-make eats perfect for Valentine’s Day next Monday.

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